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A woman is getting interviewed about her husband Rowland.  A mysterious text goes to a bunch of people.  They all congregate in a meeting hall to see Thomas and Sophia speak.  She tells them that they are still short some materials that they need to open the portal.

The other aliens want to stay in earth and not leave because they’ve made a family here and life’s better, but Sophia puts the orders in that they are all leaving.

Thomas tells Sophia that they have a meeting with bankers, but he meets up with Isabelle. She urges him to go through with his plans to kill his mother.

Sean and Leila are making out in bed when they get a call from Collier. She tells them that Samantha is the same age as all of the missing girls. Collier gives them an address of one of the missing girls that just showed up. Sean and Leila head to the address.

Abby’s mom is first reluctant to speak to them, but then lets them in. She tells them that Abby doesn’t remember anything.  Abby comes out and says Leila’s name telling her that she knows that she’s Samantha’s sister, but Abby’s father won’t let her talk to them.

The VP’s wife comes to visit her husband in the hospital where Martinez is visiting.

Thomas and Sophia head in a private jet to their secret location. She tells him that she’s sorry for making him do things that he’s not strong enough to follow through with things. They open the box and Thomas pulls a trigger on his mother, but is too wee to go through with it.

Leila and Sean follow Abby and her parents to a gas station.  Leila confronts Abby and gets Abby to tell her about what happened in the facility.  A man comes out of know where and Sean realizes that he may be after Abby.

Sean jumps out of his car and gets in the way of the shooter, but the father gets shot in the leg. The shooter chases all of them into a field of corn and they are barely able to escape. Sean whacks the shooter in the head and they find out that he wasn’t after Abby, but Leila.

Sophia meets with Isabelle and confronts her about the murder plot. Sophia gets Isabelle to shoot herself in the leg.

The episode ends with Sophia and Thomas driving away.

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ARe you kidding? This is the best, most unpredictable show on TV in a long time. Personally, I like the fact that the 'villain' Sophia is nice. The characters aren't one dimensional like in so many other shows, so you never know what will happen. I hope this show stays on.


Sorry, I made some grammatical errors, that happens to me when I write fast, adding that I am from Argentina


I'm starting to love "The Event" at the beginning, the plot was not very interesting, but little by little, the characters and the story began to take shape. So far, we have presented three different stories, detainees in Alaska (which I now think they are people who come from another dimension coming, and for some reason the world is dying and they need "something" to improve the situation in world), Sean and Leila situation (including his sister), and finally the history of the president, these three have in common the company led by the elder who is willing to do anything to get and this is my personal idea, the eternal youth that he no longer available. Concluding, "The Event" is becoming one of my favorite series, and I hope the public in the United States will provide an opportunity for writers to further develop this story, which becomes increasingly more exciting with every chapter. Greetings

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It's a pleasure to see you all again, after so many years.


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