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On this episode of The Following…

Joe and his cult leave their hideout mansion.

Ryan and the FBI finally discover the location but are too late.

Joe, Jacob, and Emma invade a couple's home. Claire and the couple manage to escape after she stabs Joe, but Jacob and Emma recapture Claire.

Joe's cult members cause a distraction through a multiple attack on civilians at an safety center. Debra is captured, placed in a coffin, and buried alive.

Joe takes Claire away on a boat.

Jacob tells Emma to come with him and leave Joe. She instead kills Jacob.

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I can't wait until the last ep of the season. Many say Joe will be killed. Or Claire. If either are killed the book is finished, so will be the show. So they both have to live. After all what would Season 2 be like without the complex relationship between Joe,Claire, and Ryan?? Each ep brings it's own surprises and I'm sure the finale will be awesome. Thank goodness I've DVR'd all the shows for the summer.
And on a special note I have rec'd 2 letters personally from James Purefoy and he is a very nice and thoughtful man! He has always been my favorite British actor!