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Emily almost gets hit by a man. Her mom, Claire Radcliff, brings him inside and ends up drinking his blood and killing him.

The new Chief Nick Monohan and his family head inside over to the Gates to their new place.  It is a beautiful huge house inside the Gates.

When Nick gets to work, his first duty as Chief is to find out about the car accident and tells his men to follow up.

Dylan Radcliff gets home and realizes that his wife Claire drank. The police come just at that moment and Dylan and Claire have to lie about the missing man’s whereabouts.

Charlie, Nick and Sarah’s son, goes to schools and already has the hots for one of his classmates - Andie Bates.  Brett Crezski, Andie’s boyfriend, notices Charlie and decides to keep an eye out.

At a social event, Brett realizes that Charlie isn’t the only one with feelings – he overhears Andie tell Charlie that she likes him. This infuriates Brett and his shape shifts into a werewolf. Fortunate for their sake, Brett’s friend stops him from doing anything crazy.

Sarah goes in search of Peg’s herbs when she runs into Devon. Devon lures Sarah into buying some of her tea. Peg finds out and is obviously unhappy about it.

Nick realizes that something is up with the Radcliffs and demands a search warrant, but gets denied. He goes searching their house in the middle of the night. Just when Claire is about to eat him alive, her husband shows up and tells Nick to leave.

Dylan is furious with his wife, but understands her desire to drink. He tells her that they must not think selfishly because they have their adopted daughter to think of.  Claire agrees and goes to Peg to help find a remedy for her insatiable appetite. 

The episode ends with Nick being called in because they found a dead body. Nick tells the police that it isn’t the missing man they are looking for, but it is the old Chief.

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hey this show is really good just keep watching its getin realy g00d i love all the cast...


its not so bad .. its light and uncomplicated. surely the next episodes would get interesting as everyone secrets are revealed.


I thought it was decent. it has a bit of the moody gayness of the twilight saga and some of the gay contrived hysteria of desperate housewifes but that aside not terrible.
of course it might be the decent series withdrawal symptoms talking this summer.
there are entirely few worthwhile episodes coming out these days


Lame, poorly acted, unbeliveable (even in the context of "supernatural) plot execution. Pehaps ABC is constrained by their being a Network and not a cable station, i.e. in a more frank handling of the subject matter, ala True Blood. My thought is if this is the best they can do they should not have bothered. Jumped the Shark after the first ten - 15 min. Rick

The Gates Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little bit longer because I'm taken.


Well I'm sure it's just a matter of time.