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Jack and Liz made out this week on The Good Guys. We don't really care, however. Also, Homer Simpson himself guest-starred, as Dan Castellaneta played a bungling criminal.
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Dan proved that he can do some seriously impressive police work this week. Also, Liz did something on the show that didn't simply involve looking pretty for Jack.
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Fox aired the second episode of The Good Guys last night. It has some elements of an entertaining series, but it's still lacking in many ways. We explain more in this review.
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The Good Guys premiered on Fox this week, depicting Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks as mismatched Dallas detective. It has the potential to be a solid guilty pleasure.
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The Good Guys is an action comedy on Fox. It features a pair of mismatched partners: Jack Bailey, a young, ambitious detective played by Colin Hanks; and Dan Stark, an alcoholic cop hanging on to his glory days on the force, played by Bradley Whitford.

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You think it's a sign when the check-out lady asks paper or plastic.


After she took your manhood, where did she put it? Did she put it in a jar or something?