Sundays 9:00 PM on CBS
"Rape: A Modern Perspective"

A hacker group puts the spotlight on a case where Alicia represents a girl who accuses his her classmate of rape while Kalinda has some suspicions about Robyn on The Good Wife.

"The Wheels of Justice"

Will and Alicia are taken by surprise when a Supreme Court ruling may end up sending client Colin Sweeney to prison for life on The Good Wife.

"Death of a Client"

Alicia fears someone close to her is in danger when a client of her is murdered on The Good Wife.

"Invitation to an Inquest"

Will and Alicia must figure out how to handle a coroner's inquest when they are only allowed to ask each witness three questions on The Good Wife.

"Runnin' with the Devil"

The firm hires a second private investigator this week. Much to Kalinda's chargin.

"Going for the Gold"

Eli is the client on The Good Wife this week. He's defending himself against the Justice Department.

"Red Team, Blue Team"

Office politics get awkward when Will and Diane go up against Alicia and Cary in an internal mock trial while Eli works to hold onto his role in Peter's campaign on The Good Wife.

"The Seven Day Rule"

Will and Diane try to fight off their creditors while Alicia gets an exciting new job offer on The Good Wife.

"Je Ne Sais What?"

Elsbeth Tascioni is arrested on this episode of The Good Wife. So it's up to Alicia and company to come to her rescue.

"Boom De Ya Da"

Eli is forced to work with a second campaign manager on this episode of The Good Wife, while T.R. Knight guest stars.