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On the season finale of The Good Wife...

... The firm represented a woman whose husband (and cop) was killed by a drug dealer. But Alicia and company believed other crooked cops set up his death because he was gonna turn on them. Cary represented the opposition and shined as the new enemy. Gary Cole also returned as Diane's crush and the case's gun expert, hired by the opposition and embarrassed by Diane during his deposition.

... It turned out that the cop himself was crooked. It also turned out the wife set him up, which created a great moral dilemma: Diane and Will gladly accepted a settlement that netted their client $500,000, despite her guilt (the opposite was unaware of this evidence when it made the offer). Alicia wondered how that was ethical. Will simply replied: because she's our client. That's our job.

... Kalinda had wrongfully accused her cop pal of being dirty, so she tried to make it up to him at the end. She gave him the wife's name, said she was behind the murder... and we were left wondering if this information would make Kalinda an accessory to a revenge killing.

... Oh, Kalinda also hooked up with a female FBI agent earlier.

... On the personal front, Peter's mom approached his pastor and told him to stop messing with her son. His words regarding abuse of power were prompting Peter to delay running again for state prosecutor. The elder Mrs. Florrick made it clear that this pastor didn't know his place.

... Still, it took Alicia saying she was on board for Peter to run. The episode concluded with Peter holding a press conference, and calling on Alicia to join him on stage. But she was stopped in her tracks when Will called. Fade to black.

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Great show full of ZEST, not the ho hum everyday Dr. or DUMB soap!
Never know what will go, and fast on the feet like most GREAT lawyers. Surely not like mine.


I love Alicia's character and I will be anxious to see how she evolves next season. She is a very intelligent,beautiful and sympathetic character. She has been hurt and deceived by her husband yet appears to still have a strong attraction to him. Whether she can forgive him and move past his infidelities that will take time. We will need to see episodes where they begin to re-build trust. Will should be kept as a work flirtation and a confidence boost for Alicia. Keep Peter her #1 and forever love.


This is to the writers, this season has not shown any socalled independence and strong strength from Alicia. It only shows how other people can minipulate her and she is very blind to the fact,this season 2 has to bear down on the fact of real life with work and home life knock off the interference from the boss its not warranted. She will her hands full with the SA office trying to frame her and Peter. Just to set the mood from a personel viewpoint I worked for several law firms over some years and have seen what senior partners do with lower employees after hours just to keep thier jobs its sickning..So lets get the romance out of the season 2 and focus on the real thing Alicia and her family all of them!!!


The way I see Alicia in season 2 has to be a woman with more insight into what her future will be. If the writers keep up the same dialogs from season 1 this series will never have a season 3, you have to have Alicia more of a speaking role with better authority on who she realy is. In the past everyone else seems to be telling her what to do, that doesn't show me a strong role of self independence. For starters she needs to get Will the hell out of her personel life and also tell him to back off also at the office, we need to have less scenes of him asking the same question about where do we stand. Have her tell him that sexual harrasment in the work place borders on stalking, just because he's the boss doesn't give him cartblunch for this crap.
She also needs to watch her back from all sides, there are to manny people trying to get her and Peter on lies and legal BS. This list consists of Cholds,Carry,Kalinda,Diane,and WILL !!!!! No one can be trusted, don't turn your backs.


I have one thing for Alicia that she must do, throw that damm cell phone in the gutter. It has become the monkey on your back that everyone is using you. I work for lawyers in a large firm and most of the partners and associates do not put more than 2 hrs over perday not all nighters. They also have people to do their legal research for them, there in nothing that can wait till the next morning to work on. Late night calls to an employee residence is very rare and is not tolerated by the higher command. So if you want your independence step up and tell the world you are not a puppet and will not under no way discuss your personel life with anyone. I am married and have children and will stay that way. Will take my number off your cell, I ditched mine!!!!


I'm tried of watching Alicia have a down look to everyone on her face, but perks up when slimball Will slides by. The writer for season 2 have to get her out of the office and back into home life, she has been holding back on the truth to her kids and Peter. You keep saying she is working on have independence, lets try that again there are to manny people in the firm that keep interferring with her ( WILL,KALINDA,CARY,). In oreder for her to break loose is leave lockhart&gardiner and get on board with Sterns firm. That would open up a whole new world for her and her family (Peter and Kids), having a job that with Peter working takes a great deal of pressue off her now and helps strenghten the marriage and family togetherness again.


I'm an avid fan of the show but, I think its about time the writers break away from the Alicia/Will business. You keep saying Alicia is forging ahead with work again, from where I sit she still has everyone telling her what to do. And the Will thing is really getting sickning why don't you all write in for her to tell him to knock it off or she will put in a tension harassment suit against him and the firm. We need to see more of the home life and family and drop the office to a bare minimen, she should also look for another job with Stern firm and get away from lockhart & gardiner before she gets hurt. On episode 23 she told Will she needs a plan, well one would be to lose that damm cell phone he keeps calling on asking where are you, who in the hell does he thinks she is slave its none of his damm business!!!!


Alicia is practictly to transform herself into a Peter-like-person because everyone sees her like part of him, expect to act like him and cross lines she would not normaly. She grows into a great character I think can be even more dangerous for "players" then Peter, in her own subtle way. Carry on...To keep her job, status and family she will turn into lioness. Maybe, put them all together in their place, especially Will, as he has a lot to appologize for and lot to prove. Is Stern still somewhere around?


With all this about what Alicia might do, watching all the 23 episodes I can see that there is no evidence that she wants Will over Peter. Alright he screwed up big time BUT she still took him back in when she could have divorced from the start. Plus in the episode of thew kiss she came to her sences on the way home and did the right thing with Peter and told Will the next day to back off she needed the job and that he was her boss thats all. Season 2 is going to be a train wreck for the whole family with both Alicia and Peter coming under fire from Childs and Cary, watch Kalinde she could be a knife thrower. Eli will be handling the Lockhart & Gardiner interference with the Florrik family. And See Peter confront Will over his sexual problems that aren't going to happen !!!


I don't care what Will thinks he is so inmature with a big ego that Alicia don't need his interfering with her personel life. If I were Peter I would have a man to man talk with him to back off or else. Alicia's career does not depend on Gardiner, any other firm would love to have her professional experience on board with them. Eli Gold can be of a big help and pull his business out of Lockhart & Gardiner. Getting back to Alicia's family her kids would not stand for any affairs of their mother, it would totally destroy the family. I am speaking from a personel experience that I live with today ( totally alone) it hurts deeply that my kids won't talk to me for the last 10 years even after I broke it off.

The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

At what point is our job wrong?


Poetry is easy; it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard.

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