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The good wife
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Will and Diane worked on a case ripped from the headlines this week, defending a Mark Zuckerberg-like client who sued a movie studio for how it portrayed him on the big screen.

They were able to settle based on the concept of "right to publicity," earning the billionaire money, and the apology he sought.

Alicia helped as best she could with the case, although she had to do so from the road. She was helping Owen move to Chicago, as the pair bonded and he encouraged his sister to tell Will how she felt. Or at least ask him what the second voicemail said. When Alicia returned to work, she did so...

... and Will lied, claiming the voicemail just said Alicia made the right choice in going back to Peter. She at least his her disappointment over that claim well.

Elsewhere, Kalinda and Blake had a major confrontation that ended with Kalinda bashing him in the ribs with a bat. And with him telling her he phoned her husband.

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Mathilda I kind of agree with you but I have to disagree with the children position in this marriage, in this show they adore both parents and don't want to see any seperation. The problem is Alicia she needs space and time away from all friends and relatives plus work to weigh the pros and cons. There is to manny people pushing her around because of her weakness, the whole family should get away and work out the major problems it is not just the cheating there is more to the family structure.
The children seem to have the most when it comes to level head attitude for future.


Please try and stay polite, the both of you, your agressivity won't change anything, since each of you is convinced that they're right. For my part, I'd say that you can't choose who you love, and you sometimes fall in love with someone you don't want to fall for, and you may fight against it but not always win. So maybe in terms of marriage it seems like it's the dummest option, but if you stay only because of the children, it's not always the best thing, especially for them. It is very painful for children to feel that your parents are unhappy, not in love, and stay together just for appearances' sake. I know someone who was in that situation, and she was relieved when her parents got divorced. But maybe it isn't that bad between Alicia and Peter. I just think that it may be very difficult for her to forgive him his adultery and her public humiliation.


"When are you going to answer the big question about why you have this obsession with whores and hookers ?" MY obsession?? You sure are confused! If you had been paying attention, you might have noticed that it's your darling Peter who spent all that money on them, WHILE he was married. He just couldn't resist them -- and cheaters don't change. That is why Alicia should tell the bum to use the door. Why are YOU so defensive of married women? It sure sounds like it's personal for you. Did your husband catch you with some guy you gave in to, and now he won't let you forget it? Sounds very likely.....


As an avid fan of this show I have been able to analize who is right and who is wrong. To start with you can't tell a book by its cover, the inner stories tell a bigger part of who a person true truly is. lets start with a break down of the main characters who seem to spark alot of peoples interest. Will---everyone feels he is the clean cut right person to move in, deep down he has a dark side that nobody knows about and would cause a major problem in the future. Peter---Now here is a person everyone thinks is the wrong person, even with the cheating there seems to be a deep side of repenting and self forgiveness for his conduct. His true family values will be coming into the picture shortly. Alicia---This woman has a very big problem and it stems from to much interference from friends and relatives, she knows what she wants and will try anything to hold the family together. When a person is let down they need time to gather their thoughts again without certain people using her weakness for their own gain. To sum up by the time the show ends you will see what the book has on the inside.


My hats off to you for your self centered attitude and the closed minded thoughts. When talking about a married women not man there is a big difference with your insight, I know for a fact that most men have deep thoughts and fanacies about what it would be like but women look to the future of family life.
When are you going to answer the big question about why you have this obsession with whores and hookers ? I think you had a personel experience that made you this bitter. P.S It still is crossing the line towards a married woman, BACK OFFD !!!


"As a woman I can see more about what goes on in sleezy Will's mind." You're so confused. As a MAN, I have a lot more insight than you do. All you've got is suspicion and your distrust of men. "First off any self-respecting married woman would not even listen to any come on" Oh, but a married MAN (Peter) is free to whore around on her? What a ridiculous double-standard that is. "... second when any person crosses the line toward a married woman sends signals that he is only interested in one thing and its not a life-time commitment." More suspicions not based on reality. Alicia should have married Will in the first place, but she made a mistake and chose that rotten bum who would rather spend his time with hookers, instead of his loyal wife. What kind of a "commitment" did he have? And yes she has two teenagers, who are ALREADY learning a horrible lesson from their sleazy father. She should have ditched him a long time ago while there was still time.


Hows this John, As a woman I can see more about what goes on in sleezy Will's mind. First off any self-respecting married woman wouldnot even listen to any come on, second when any person crosses the line toward a married woman sends signals that he is only interested in one thing and its not a life-time commitment.
Third in this case there are two teenage children that mean more to her than anything, she will not upset them by having affairs.
So to put an end to this if the writers and producers don't start the same old over and over again and move on to better topics other than Alicia life we will be watching another new show come May, the ratings are slideing down and CBS won't care but to cancel the show. Look out FOR NBC-ABC-TNT-LIFETIME-HALLMARK.


You keep changing your names but your mixed-up attitudes are still the same. Where on EARTH do you get the idea that Will is "forcing himself" on a married woman?? Are you even watching the same show? He's been politely waiting for her to realize she married a rotten cheating bum, who needs to be kicked out of the apartment she's paying for. She has been flirting with him at least as much, if not more. Take off your blindfold already. It looks like in this episode she's finally going to talk to Will about how she feels. I hope it's not too late for her, or she'll be stuck with that sleazy bum -- until he finds another hooker he can't resist!


Hey John's back with his oneway remarks about single and married people, BACHELORS don't have the right to push themselves on married women, as one I would have to set him straight on the facts of life.
And by the way she doesn't need to get tested, the test has already been done way back. Since episode (ONE) has he done anything wrong? As a woman she has already made up her mind as I have, either 18 or 118 times its over.
The family has made their moves to be supportive, her children are to old now to let anyone come between them. So move on and find another person to bitch about.


Alicia could do a whole lot worse than Will -- and she sure did with Peter! She may have waited too long by now, though, and she's lost her chance. (And it was a horrible mistake to let that lying cheater back into her bed. She'd better get tested...) If it's too late to be with Will, I think being alone would be better than Peter. If he hasn't cheated on her again lately (which we don't know for sure), it won't be long until someone else comes he can't resist. He's shown her MANY times before that he can't be trusted. She'd have to be an idiot to take him back. And for those who try to write Will off as a "player", he's a BACHELOR, who can date anyone he wants. Peter, on the other hand, was a MARRIED MAN -- but that didn't stop him from boinking hookers. 18 times with Amber alone, and who knows if there were others. She needs to ditch the bum ASAP.

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