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Politics clashed with family this week, as Wendy Scott-Carr went to both rival campaigns with a poster that was being distributed in African-American neighborhoods. It bashed her for marrying a white man and questioned if she were truly black.

Wendy threatened to retaliate by releasing a flier that said Becca aborted Zach's baby and Peter paid for it. As you can imagine, this upset Alicia GREATLY. She approached Eli about it, who did a couple things: he told Becca to deny any questions if asked and learned she actually aborted her former teacher's baby. He also discovered that Peter's PAC was behind the Scott-Carr posted, resulting in Peter cutting ties with them and bankrupting his campaign.

Alicia admired this move and concluded the episode by leaving her bedroom door open for her husband.


- Cary was a major focus of a case that centered on one prison inmate killing another. We saw him and his team in action, while also watching Cary press Childs for a raise, using Diane's offer as leverage. Cary won the case, in the end, using Lemond Bishop as a key witness.

- Bishop was an issue for Lockhart/Gardner & Bond, as well. They took on the case in question because they wanted to impress the drug kingpin, with Bond clearly wanting him as a client. Will and Diane continued to scheme behind their partner's back, wondering which equity partner might vote him out.

- Blake discovered what he thinks is the secret Kalinda has been hiding: her true identity is that of a Canadian woman named Lela who supposedly died years ago.

- In private investigator news, Childs told his office he would be looking into Kalinda and who leaked her information (careful, Cary), while Cary went to an old friend to help the state's attorney do some digging of its own. The guy was an expert in his field, and in being a stay-at-home father. It was fun to watch him gather information while pushing his daughter around in a stroller.

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I've been there and went the other way and made the biggest mistake of my life, divorced the first and married the second. I ended up losing everything of my self respect with family and friends. The first remarried and started a new family which his wife knows about his past, what a complete turnaround. Mine had a complete turn also to someone completely different from the past, I now sit alone with my on self pity.


Alicia can't let Peter back in her bedroom. I know that some people prefer Peter I prefer Will, and I am almost sure that when he get back in the state's attorney game he'll cheat again. One day as cheater always a cheater. In the matter of inside scoops, I have one two, in the 14th episode Alicia will talk with Will about the voice mail message...
I don't think that they'll get together any soon but maybe the "flirt" starts agay... (Sorry for my english mistakes, it's not my main language)


I have been getting a big kick out of all of you thinking you are big time prducers and writers of this show. These story lines come from real life people that have had the same situations and have taken charge of themselves and worked things out. There is no taking sides to what will happen it has already been decided, ther will be alot more drama in weeks to come that will change alot of your minds as to whos right or wrong.


It's always funny when people assume that I'm angry because this "must have happened" to me. Guess again. It should be clear to you by now that, if it had happened even ONCE, they'd be kicked out the door pronto -- not kept around to infect her and their kids, like foolish Alicia is doing with Peter. As for your supernatural powers and being able to see what's going to happen, we'll just see.


John you still have the chip on your sholder i see, how manny times were you used ( 1 to 18 )?
Goodbye John, I know what planet i'm from. I'M going to be laughing when the end comes, PS--I already have the inside scoup.


Wow, Angelina, it's like you live on another planet, with your strange values. Peter has betrayed Alicia at least 18 times already -- but because we haven't SEEN him doing anything LATELY, you think he's reformed and is now The Good Husband? Dream on. He's away much of the time lately, and he's not always with Eli. He's the same rat he always was. When Alicia went home and banged Peter after kissing Will, wasn't it obvious to you that she was just USING him out of frustration that Will was gone when she went back for more? They didn't "make love". She even pinned Peter's wrists down so he couldn't respond. She was treating him like the whore he is. And you actually think it's HARASSMENT that Will talked about Alicia to a friend?? Hello.... How often do you think women confide in their friends about their man troubles? All the time, in the real world. But if a man does it, you somehow think he's harassing her, when she isn't even there?? Reality-check time. It's LONG overdue for you. (Also, none of them knew their phones were being tapped by the FBI. Americans have willingly given up most of their privacy and their so-called "freedom" for an illusion of security -- and now they have neither.)


Open your eyes and ears, so far means from now not yesterday. Will crossed the line with the kiss, yes she had second thoughts but remenber where she went from there straight home and made love with Peter.
Harrassment comes in manny ways, including talking to your buddies on the phone about such things being taped by the FBI. She has been put a lot of ilegal work for him that could of got her some jail time (example---going into an apartment looking for evidence and being told to leave before the police get there by Will. How about the gun deal when he told her it was borderline, sounds like a real church going guy. LOL


"Peter has not done anything wrong so far --" You've got to be kidding! Hello?? He himself has admitted he cheated on Alicia eighteen times with one hooker alone. He humiliated her in public. Nothing changes that. Open your eyes. "-- but Will has crossed the line and has used Alicia on several occassions at work that borders on sexual harressment." When? How? Give us examples, not innuendo. Alicia kissed HIM in "Heart", and then willingly she went back wanting more. Take off your blindfold already. There's no "harressment" here at all.


Think it this way P, she has only one way out DIVORCE. Stop fooling around where her children see all the dirt, but the real problem is that she has already made up her mind back in the beginning and knows about all the dirt from Georgetown years ago.
I have watched from the beginning and believe in second chances, Peter has not done anything wrong so far but Will has crossed the line and has used Alicia on several occassions at work that borders on sexual harressment. Would you like to be used that way?


Think it this way Angelina, we, people who are not getting it, believe that cheating, manipulating, and spending your families money on personal causes and then lying about it makes people the scum on the earth. It is an abusive behavior that will happen again, and a mother has a duty to teach her children that this behavior is NOT ok! And as a person we believe she deserves better! Or at least she deserves a chance to way her options.