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The second season premiere picked up in the exact spot where season one concluded. After Alicia told Will they needed a plan, and then hung up on him to join Peter on stage at his press conference, Will called back - but Peter grabbed his wife by the arm and Eli grabbed her phone.

He listened to two voicemails from Will. The first said he and Alicia should just drop all romance, the second took it back and said he loved her and wanted to work things out. Eli erased on the first. Fast forward a week and this is what went down:

- Things are awkward at work between Alicia and Will because he thinks she ignored his love admission, while she thinks he wants to drop all romantic talk. It doesn't help that the firm has merged with another firm, led by attorney Derek Bond.

- He has brought in a slew of new lawyers, some of which gossip about Alicia because a new sex scandal is in the news involving some politician in Colorado. It brings things back up for Peter and Alicia. However, they are doing okay aside from that, as Alicia is helping with campaign speeches and playing the role of, well, the good wife.

- On the professional front, a judge forces Alicia to sit in on a case that involves a guy defending himself against murder charges. She does such a good job of helping him pin a murder on the government that Childs steps in on the opposing side and makes Cary first chair. He makes a solid point and seems to be tilting the case the way of the prosecution... but Alicia essentially wins out in the end, as her client agrees to a plea bargain and just five years in jail.

- Elsewhere, Kalinda has a new rival at the firm: Bond's investigator, played by Scott Porter, who seems to be kind of a smart ass.

- Meanwhile, Grace is approached by what Eli would describe as a "tracker," someone hoping to catch her in a honest moment, admitting something scandalous about her parents. Also, Eli tries to get Peter an award from a women's group, which is headed by the older Mrs. Florrick.

- The episode ends with Derek, who is trying to institute a few new rules at the firm and raising Will's suspicions in the process, telling Alicia he will be her new professional mentor.

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Yeah, I saw the promo for next week where poor Will thinks Alicia has heard his declaration of love and has rejected him. He doesn't know Eli deleted his message, so he thinks she's already made her choice -- and it's the wrong one. One of his "manny broads"? Married Peter has had a lot more women than bachelor Will, if you've been paying attention. Everyone keeps sidestepping the fact that Will is a BACHELOR and can date anyone he wants. Peter is supposed to be MARRIED, and isn't supposed to be out shtupping other women. If he hadn't been caught, he's still be out there. There's no chip on my shoulder. I'm just sick of seeing men or women choosing a rat who they should know will treat them like crap. What do they expect? Peter is still a lying, cheating bum, while Will is just a guy who's getting discouraged after all these years of waiting. He's not a saint -- but Peter is a whole lot worse. (The sight of that slimy sleazeball wearing a bloody white shirt and tie as he dives head first into Alicia's crotch just about made me throw up. Didn't she learn ANYTHING?? She'd better go get herself tested for an STD PDQ.....)


John why do you have a chip on your shoulder abouts this did you get caught in the same problem. Or are you a woman using a mans name to down play Peter. You think that Will is the right one for Alicia because he is this pure angel, how about the sexual sabbatical he supposely had but we didn't see any behind the sceens did we.
This weeks episode shows a faithfull man in sceens when Alicia calls him on work related business and he answers from the bed of one of his manny broads, now thats a perfect angel any women could trust wouldn't one.
Well John to be honest I am a women and has watch all the episodes and see a better person in Peter than Will, even though Peter screwed up big time he shows alot of remorse and caring toward his family and they inturn love it all of them. If I had a boss like Will who tried to put the make on me even though he knew I was married this sends a big message that he can't be trusted.


You want "family values"? With PETER?? It's way too late for that now. Somehow some people think marriage is so sacred that it's better for a woman to keep forgiving a selfish and unfaithful rat who cheated on her REPEATEDLY, instead of ditching the bum and finding a nice man who would treat her with love and respect. I think women deserve better than Peter, and they shouldn't settle for less. (And like Sarah said, why is it always the woman doing the forgiving, while the "male slut" she married is always the one being forgiven?) Haven't you noticed that Will has been more faithful to Alicia than Peter has? As the tattooed lawyer said, Will has been on a sexual sabbatical from other women for a while now, while Peter has been out spreading it around as his loving wife waited at home. And speaking of "spreading", don't you see that there are health risks when a man visits hookers who have had sex with DOZENS, if not hundreds of different men? Alicia was putting her health at risk letting scuzzy Peter anywhere near her. She should divorce the creep already!


My hat is off to John and Sarah they are perfect for one another, this is the problem that has evolved with the Will/Alicia but the real problem is you have to look a the big picture. I would rather have my husband cheat with a hooker than a married woman of a close friend, that would send me into outerspace. If this was the case than why didn't she divorce him from the start than to stay her ground with some love in her heart. For Will he isn't being such a good pal when he is trying her to commit adulitry.
From the start of season 2 i'm starting to see a better story line about the Good WIfe and where it is going in regards to more family values and the real faces of the other side.


Thanks for your proposal, Sarah J. I'm flattered, but I'm "currently unavailable". ;) You summed it all up very well. It's frustrating to see people close their eyes to Peter's MANY faults, simply because she's still married to the cheating bum -- all while they try to pretend that Will is "probably" somehow flawed, or they merely suspect him of the sleaziness that Peter exhibits so clearly. (If Alicia sticks with Peter and spurns Will, maybe she just doesn't deserve a nice guy like Will at all.) And for those who thought it was sexy to have Peter force himself on her physically in the opener, even after she had protested TWICE, maybe they could explain how that was different from rape. Obviously he doesn't care at all about her feelings, or what she wants. He only cares about himself. And is Alicia now possibly infected with an STD that her slimy husband picked up from one of his whores?


John Graydon, will you marry me? (Just kidding !) On a less lighter note, I agree compltely with everything you have to say on the subject of Will/Alicia/Peter. It always frustrates me when people bring up religion and family to justify forcing a woman to stay with a cheating husband. And it's always the woman who has to accept the cheating and never the husband. Because if a woman cheats, she's the whore/slut but the man is merely misunderstood and always deserving of forgiveness. She has to think of the kids because kids learn such wonderful life-lessons when the mother stays with the cheating father. People conveniently forget that the kids will grow up and leave the nest and she will be left alone with a man who never truly loved or respected her. Now, even if Will hadn't existed in the show, Alicia deserves better than Peter. He CHEATED on her with prostitutes. What else does he have to do to cross the moral event horizon? He certainly didn't think of his wife or kids when he spent his money on hookers. So why should Alicia think of him? Doesn't she deserve a man who looks at her and only desires her? Not because he can't have other woman for his precious political career but because he genuinely loves her? That's where we come to Will. I just don't get it how some viewers have branded him a slimy, sleazy womanizer. Will is sleazy when we have hooker buying husband on the show! As a lawyer, he's no better or worse than the other great, 3-dimensional lawyers portrayed on the show. And as a man, we see that he has had a colorful past with women. There's no denying that but all these women( so many) all seem to think of him on friendly terms and wouldn't mind another go with him.(Tatoo lawyer, Law Professor) So he generally treats his girlfriends very well, no lies or cheating there.(Hah!) He's also shown to be a decent human being in his private life. Only he's a practical and decent human being, like most people are in real life. He might not do the right thing all the time but he won't go out of his way to do the wrong thing either. And he LOVES Alicia with all his heart. Alicia deserves to know that.What happens after that is up to the writers.


I waited all off season to hear and see that phone call from Will and for it to be erased - how can this show her taking control. Her obligation, although a noble one, should only be to herself and her children. She deserves to have the romantic relationship with Will, her husband certainly enjoyed himself until he was caught. I know the writers are trying to keep us watching and wanting more but to go the whole episode and never knowing that there was a second message left me aggravated and thinking about only giving the writers 1 more episode to have her find out what Will really said before I change the channel on Tuesday nights.


Sorry John that you feel this way, it sounds like you had this happen to you. Anyway you want to look at it the story line is The Good Wife and doesn't mean hookingup with an old friend, so sit back and quinge for season 2 its going to be a roller coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs.
PS. The children are going to have a big say before it is all done.!!!


I'm amazed at people who close their eyes against all evidence, and somehow reaffirm their faith in the sanctity of Alicia's marriage. It looks to me like Peter long ago destroyed any "sanctity" that may have once been there. These people insist that Alicia should remain faithful to the lying, cheating louse who betrayed her, instead of ditching him for the guy who has always been good to her. They must really hate her if they think she doesn't deserve any better than Peter. Realistically, she needs to recognize that marrying him was a huge mistake. She should cut her losses and search for real happiness before it's too late. And think about this: By his own admission, Peter made the conscious and willful decision to betray his loving wife no fewer than eighteen times with Amber Madison alone, with strong suggestions that there have been other women too, perhaps even Kalinda. This is obviously not just a brief moment of weakness, which might be forgiven. This is an ongoing pattern of cynical disregard for the woman who loved him, and who was being faithful. Once, well okay. Twice, maybe -- but EIGHTEEN TIMES? I don't believe for a minute that he's sorry he did it. He's only sorry he was caught at it, and that it interrupted his political aspirations. He's a self-centered rat who only wants Alicia "back" to make him look better in his campaign. His beyond-hypocritical jealousy of Will is a territorial thing, because he doesn't want some other man taking what he thinks of as his property -- even though he has been out spreading himself around. The people who don't like Will can't even come up with any solid criticism, other than suspicions that he might not be what he seems. Well unfortunately for Alicia, Peter IS.


HI John I have been reading all your comments regarding who is the best for Alicia, you seem to be on a one way street with Will and dump Peter. What has Peter done since episode 1 that you make this decision, has he been trying to run around or phone anyone, has his children turn there backs to him or has Alicia shown any support of help from her prison visit that answered Peters question if she still loved him answer was YES.
As a Christian I have a brighter outlook for the future and see a very hard road ahead for the Florrick family and the down fall of the Lockhart & Gardiner firm. But in the end the family stays together and truly faithful.

The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Will: Are we being played in some way?
Diane: I don't see how.
Will: I don't either. It's making me suspicious.

No, you know what? I'm not just dropping this. You wanna know my plan? My plan is I love you, okay? I've probably loved you ever since Georgetown. So phone me. I'll meet you anywhere, and we will make a plan. If none of this makes sense to you, just ignore it. No embarrassment, nothing. We'll just go back to how things stood.