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Alicia leverages an offer from Louis Canning this week into a bonus from Diane, who invokes special partner privilege to reward the third-year associate.


- The equity partners continue to fight over Will's spot.

- Diane starts to juggle two men, Jack the process server and a returning Kurt McVeigh, who she surprises in the middle of the night.

- Alicia also makes a peace offering to Kalinda, telling her they can maybe be friends again but all cards must be on the table. Kalinda agrees, but the episode ends with a hesitant look on her face, likely related to her tax issue.

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To answer the big question NO , she got the phone call from Kalinda so she swepted it under the carpet again NO GUTS. And who said there would be an EX, I see a different picture down the road.
Going back to a firm you left will never happen, if I were her when Diane told her till the end of the week or clean your office out now it would be a no brainer. I would clean out my office and never look back, words like that only mean the firm can't be trusted and her time there is not wanted.


Yes for new opportunities; that would open up even more drama for her and Michael J. Fox working together. She could use a crafty lawyer like him on her side to overcome the devious mind games of her soon to be EX. Of course, she could always go back to the firm with Diane and Will later; Cary left and he is still in the picture.
Question: Has Alicia confessed her affair with Will to her kids? I remember an episode not too long ago that left the viewers hanging as Alicia was preparing herself to tell Zack and Grace.


Don't take it Alicia.