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The Justice Department seeks to convict Eli on bribery charges this week.

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I miss Alicia/Will so much! It was the best thing about the show, and now it's almost gone. The kiss in the last episode was good, though. And the elevator scene in this episode. Maybe the writers are coming to their senses? Although Alicia is still sleeping with her husband and Will is set to be with the former-military-girl-turned-ASA who used to play Jordan McDeere. Sigh. Ah well. A girl can hope.


Really! Vindictive, lying manipulating?????? When? How, Where??????
What show have you been watching? Were you "on" something? I find that she had grown into her job. She is a wonderful attorney,and a good person.
Watch Smash to see your adjectives


what i liked most of all in this show is the complicated and romantic relationship between Alicia and Will. Now there is nothing of this. I miss that atmosphere!


I think they need to rename the show, Alicia has left behind a
L the things we really
Iked about her and has become the typical conniving, lying vindictive attorney, just like everyone else at the firm. She is not a good anything anymore. She is cold and manipulative snd has no allegiance to anyone anymore. Cancel It.