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The FBI investigation of the Mohammed takes precedence over the Larsen case, but that doesn't stop Linden from tracking down evidence. Linden and Holder come to a better understanding of each other while Richmond decides it's time to stoop to Mayor Adams level.
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Linden and Holder get a lead on a possible new suspect while Richmond's poor performance at the debate leads to a damaging political ad and the loss of his Seattle All Stars program.
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Linden and Holder uncover witnesses that implicates both Bennet Ahmed and his wife, Amber, as well as troubling information about Stan Larsen's past connections. Councilmen Richmond is confronted with his association to Rosie's death during a televised debate with Mayor Adams.
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Hello, Facebook. Kid's don't write letters.

Jack Linden

Linden: In situations like this, I like to ask myself: what would Jesus do?
Holder: Don't know. I'll ask him.