The L.A. Complex Season 2

"Don't Say Goodbye"

Beth fights to keep Simon in her life while Connor has an unexpected moment with Charlotte on the second season finale of The L.A. Complex.

Raquel & Connor On the Set
"Xs and Os"

On The L.A. Complex, Nick and Sabrina both must deal with career issues while while Abby struggles after acting impulsively with Gray.

"Now or Never"

On The L.A. Complex, Nick has no choice but to let Sabrina move in with him and Kal gets some devastating news.

"Make It Right"

On The L.A. Complex, Connor finds a new religion as Sabrina makes a confession. Simon and Beth end up with a surprise visitor.

"Help Wanted"

On The L.A. Complex, when Nick is fired, Sabrina starts to show her softer side. Abby works on back up tracks on Kal's new album.

On The L.A. Complex, Nick looks in unexpected places to find inspiration as Connor hears some news that could change his life.

"Half Way"

Kal is hit with a lawsuit on this episode of The L.A. Complex. Elsewhere, Nick squares off against Sabrina.

"Rule of Thirds"

On The L.A. Complex, will Nick find out that Sabrina is up to her old trick and does Abby figure out that she's in over her head?

"Taking the Day"

On The L.A. Complex, Abby encounters complications in her love life. Connor helps Racquel and how will Sabrina take Nick's boys night out?

"Be a Man"

On The L.A. Complex, Abby tries to forge a friendship with her costar. Beth says the wrong thing and lands herself in trouble.

"Choose Your Battles"

On The L.A. Complex, Beth uses questionable means to get Simon more auditions. Raquel garners a role on Connor's show.

"The Contract"

Abby's first day filming Saying Grace does not go so well this week, while Beth and her younger brother arrive in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Complex is back with Season 2! On this episode, Kaldrick sets out to make things right with Tariq.

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