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A Return Visit
"East of Emma"

Sutton returns home on the season finale... with revenge on her mind! Thayer and Char also grow unsure about Alec.

A Death Stare
"Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High"

Will Emma finally get some answers? She's searches for them on "Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High."

Never Have They Ever
"Never Have I Ever"

Surprise! Travis shocked Emma with a visit this week, while Sutton is thrown head first into Emma's life.

Looks of Concern
"Escape from Sutton Island"

Hello, Annie Hobbes. Sutton comes face-to-face with her on this key episode of The Lying Game.

Derek in the Pool
"Bad Boys Break Hearts"

Has Sutton found where Annie Hobbes has been held? That's a major question on this week's episode of The Lying Game.

Homecoming Dance Pic
"Over Exposed"

Emma runs for homecoming queen this week, as Sutton of course. Meanwhile, Alec continues to have suspicions.

Key Internet Search
"Twinsense and Sensibility"

The siblings discover similarities this week on The Lying Game. Ted's behavior, meanwhile, makes Emma suspicious.

The Lying Game Scene
"Double Dibs"

Sutton learns some dark realities about her birth mother and Emma this week. Read on for a recap.

Dipping Emma
"Being Sutton"

Will Emma reveal her true identity this week? Or will she continue to live under the guise of Sutton?

Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer

We meet two twins on The Lying Game. They switch identities, but then one goes missing.