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Here's a rundown of the latest episode of The Mentalist: during the hour, CBI goes to investigate the murder of a married woman. She was killed while in bed with her lover. That's always awkward.

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I loved the episode until it appeared to not give an explanation for how the murderer happened to end up entering the room in which the CBI operation was set up. Maybe it was supposed to be a room that was adjoining the room Cho was in, but there was still no explanation of how the murderer would have known Cho was in that room. It seemed to diminish the episode considerably, but maybe I was just to dense to pick up on the clue that was given about it. Can someone enlighten me if that is the case?


Last night's episode was full of good one-liners. I can hardly wait to see your list of memorable quotes for this episode. I was laughing
like crazy.

The Mentalist Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Patrick: Do you know who killed Claire?
Fricke: No.
Patrick: Interesting. He is either a habitual liar telling the truth, or he's an honest man lying.

Mr. Wolcutt: I can make one phone call and your career is toast.
Cho: (decidedly unimpressed) That's impressive. The best I can get with one call is a pizza.