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The Mentalist Season 2

"Red Sky in the Morning"

How does the second season of The Mentalist come to an end? With a murder by a Red John copycat that places Patrick Jane in danger with his actual nemesis. Read our full recap of "Red Sky in the Morning"!

"Red Letter"

In "Red Letter", Leslie Hope returns to The Mentalist. Her character, psychic Kristina Frye, gets cozy again with our man Patrick Jane. Read our full recap to find out what happened!


In "18-5-4" Fisher Stevens guest stars this week on The Mentalist. He plays the owner of a store that might have information for Jane and Lisbon regarding a murder. Read our full recap to see what you missed!

"Red All Over"

In "Red All Over", Malcolm McDowell guest stars on this episode. It centers around the murder of a CEO. McDowell portrays the leader of a cult-lie group. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Blood Money"

In "Blood Money", a Assistant District Attorney is found dead this week. It is up to the CBI team to crack the case. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Aingavite Baa"

In "Aingavite Baa",the CBI team investigates a triple murder and their only lead is a Jane Doe that has no memory of what happened. Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"The Red Box"

In "The Red Box", Jane and the team investigate the murder of a tutor. Meanwhile the team gets a new boss - Agent Hightower and she means business! Read our full recap to find out what happened!

"Code Red"

This week's episode is "Code Red." After being poisoned with a toxin, bioweapons researcher Dr. Alicia Seberg asks Jane and the CBI to find a terrifying bio-terrorist before it is too late! Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Red Herring"

This episode is titled "Red Herring." During a $100,000 competition, a chef is found dead. It is up to the CBI team to figure out who murdered this man before someone else is found dead. Read our recap to find out what happened!

"Blood In, Blood Out"

In "Blood In, Blood Out", Cho investigates a gang murder with ties to his past, while Jane tags along unwanted.


The title of this week's episode is "Redline." A woman is found dead stuffed inside the trunk at a high end luxury car dealership. It is up to Jane and the CBI team to crack this case!

"Bleeding Heart"

Jane and Lisbon are hot on a new case. The mayor's aid is mudered and her body is left in a groundbreaking ceremony to be discovered. Sharon Lawrence guest stars on this episode of The Mentalist as the mayor. Meanwhile, Van Pelt and Rigsby come out of the relationship closet.

"Rose-Colored Glasses"

This is the first episode of The Mentalist of 2010. The CBI unit looks into a double homicide at a fifteenth high school reunion. In a sweet, surprising moment, Jane and Lisbon share a moment away from work to enjoy a dance together

"Throwing Fire"

This is the final The Mentalist episode of 2009. It's titled "Throwing Fire."

"A Price Above Rubies"

A wealthy jeweler is found dead this week. The name is the episode is "A Price Above Rubies."

"His Red Right Hand"

On this week's episode, a shocking crime is committed... inside the offices of the CBI!

"Red Bulls"

Bosco and Jane actually work together this week. Yes, it causes tension.

"Black Gold and Red Blood"

This week's episode of The Mentalist is titled "Black Gold and Red Blood." During it, Jane tries to offer help from prison.

"Red Scare"

There's a ghost and a haunted mansion this week on The Mentalist. The episode is titled "Red Scare."

"Red Menace"

This hour is titled "Red Menace." During it, a criminal attorney is killed.

"Red Badge"

Lisbon is accused of murder this week. It falls to Jane to get his co-worker off.

"The Scarlet Letter"

On this episode, titled "The Scarlet Letter," the CBI investigates the death of a senator's intern. Also, Jane searches for new information on Red John.


On the season two premiere of The Mentalist, the CBI looks into the case of a suffocated woman. Also, agent Sam Bosco enters the picture.

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