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On this week's episode, Jane and the CBI unit encounter a ghost and a haunted mansion when they investigate the strange death of a rich man. Witnesses claim he was murdered by a ghost haunting his mansion.

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oh my god i seriously thought it was jej!! looks like him sounds like him that is some freaky poop but i imdb'd him and it aint him boo :( love jej he's just fantastic even tho he's the star thingy man i forgive him lol


James Earl Jones hasn't kicked the bucket just yet! As Jimaine told you, it's Ron Canada. He played Ephram's piano teacher in Everwood, if that's any help? Flick.


@ Snickers: First of all, James Earl Jones is still pretty much alive and hopefully will remain so for a while (pure self-interest, as I have theatre tickets for a play in London that he's starring in). The actor you're referring to is Ron Canada.


Who is the guy playing the man who owns the antique shop. I keep thinking it's James Earl Jones, but he's dead. Any help!?!?!