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Jane, Lisbon, and Rigsby go to investigate a case of a young man that was murdered.  Jane starts his own investigation when the guy, Oliver, jumps up.  He is alive, but brain dead.

Jane finds a box under the bed, but it is empty. He concludes that whoever took what was inside the box, wanted to kill the guy.

The young daughter or Mr. Banks, the artist, gets investigated by Jane and Lisbon. She tells them that she found Oliver, her tutor, on the floor covered in blood.

Oliver was lovers with another kid’s mom that he tutored. It turns out that he was a big ladies man.  

Jane uses this information to get a rise out of Mr. Banks. On their way back to the station, Jane notices that someone is tailgating them. It ends up being an investigator from the Scotland Yard special branch - Francis Slocombe.  

Slocombe ends up telling them that Oliver was a thief trying to steal a ring. The ring is an ancient ring worth a ton of money. When they bring him to the interrogation room, he escapes.

Hightower was able to get a search warrant to check out Mr. Banks house.  Cho finds a picture of the same gun used to attempt murder to Oliver.

Meanwhile, Jane is in the room with Oliver when Francis walks in. Jane concludes that this young man is his son. Slocombe admits that it is true.

Hightower informs Jane that if he messes up again it will no be his neck, but Lisbon’s for not being able to keep him in check.

At the CBI headquarters, the team interrogates Mr. Banks and finds out that there are many calls to one person and internet searches about the missing ring.  Someone is trying to frame Mr. Banks.

The detective was dirty and killed Oliver because he decided to go soft and return the ring back to the museum.

Hightower tells Lisbon that she knows that Rigsby and Van Pelt are together and something has to be done about this.

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When I saw this episode I completely agreed with what Larry Thelen said. Those wide stony streets, big houses with palm trees, that MOUNTAIN? Really, that is NOT Citrus heights at ALL. I bet the people who come up with the houses and stuff have never been to citrus heights in their life. They make north California look like LA D; North California might as well be another state by how different they are! Ugh.


Location. location. The episode was interesting, but more so the interacting with the new boss and Jane's view of her. It will be fun to see just how much trouble he will cause Lisbon, I hope that the problem with grace and wayne is resolved soon. He is too immature as a police afficer, naive even. She has the computer savvy the group needs, and Jane actually knows that. The only one allowed to act as a child is Jane since he is now golden.


Citrus Heights with mountains behind and an old hacienda? Please. Nearest of these is 10 miles away. You would have done better if you had placed the episode in Granite Bay.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Really, 'how dare I' - is that the best comeback you got?


Jane: No need to be nervous.
Lisbon: I am not nervous.
Jane: You are an extemporarily agent - no reason for butterflies.
Lisbon: No butterflies I am fine.
Jane: Keep telling yourself that.