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Let's go over the latest episode of The Mentalist, shall we?

- Manuel Montero is found murdered in a museum.  He was an antiquities trader and gun runner. During the investigation, the CBI team find out that he was friends with Todd Johnson and gave him the gun he used to kill several police officers.

- La Roche tells Hightower that she is one of five people at CBI that he suspects of killing Todd Johnson.  When her fingerprints show up at the murder scene, she becomes the prime suspect.

- Jane confronts Hightower about murdering Johnson and her connection to Red John.  When the CBI team come to arrest her she takes Jane hostage and escapes.

- Turns out Hightower is being set up and she and Jane are working together.  Jane helps Hightower get past the CBI perimeter and flee with her children.  They make an agreement to work together to find Red John’s accomplice and bring him down.  Jane tells no one, not even Lisbon.

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bertram and laRoche both dodgy and could be red john's accomplace or even red john..... the poem thing and laRoche had her down as one of fuve suspects but bertram pushed her up list claiming the affair. but then who's to say there is only one of red john's friends left at Cbi or indeed red john himself is not there... love the series but hope we get more on red John soon. and infact get Red John...


Yeah Bertram quoted Blake, but LaRoche was the one who pointed out that the poem was Blake. He's creepy too. Hmmm....


Squall, you're kidding right? Gale Bertram quoted William Blake, which is the same poet that wrote the infamous "Tyger, Tyger" piece we've come to associate with Red John. Meaning, Gale's Red John's insider at the CBI. Kinda reminded me of every time we see him, he normally mentions Jane, makes sense now!


What was the deal with that poem? Any references or clues?


Uhm... we missed the beginning and now we're lost. What was the end all about ? When Patrick ended up helping out agent Hightower ??? We're confused... Great show, though...

The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Cho: I don't want to cross Hobo Alley to order lunch from a truck that's near the sewage ditch under the freeway.
Rigsby: But there's tacos there.

You've been LaRoched haven't you?