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-Mr. Dinkler is blown up by a bomb strapped to his chest after he robs his employer, Cash In Motion.

-The CBI team finds a message for Dinkler written on a bathroom wall of a convenience store. The code leads Lisbon to an abandoned high school where she is knocked unconscious.

-When Jane finds her she has a bomb strapped to her chest. The assailant calls and tells her to retrieve the Cash In Motion client list now in evidence at CBI.

-Jane realizes that Gupta, the convenience store owner is the assailant and he and Lisbon capture him. La Roche then shoots and kills Gupta, claiming he tried to escape.

-Max James, Hightower's cousin is found dead in his home. He was tortured but never revealed Hightower's location. He sent her money through Cash In Motion.  Jane deduces that Red John is behind the bombs and is searching for Hightower.

-Jane gets the suspect list from La Roche and sets up La Roche and the four suspects:  Director Bertram, Brenda Shetrick, CBI Media Relations, Oswaldo, the Assistant DA, and Craig O'Loughlin, Grace's fiance.

-Each suspect is told that Hightower is being held at a hotel but is given a different room number.  he assassin goes to the room given to Bertram but kills herself before she can be arrested.

-When Jane confronts Bertram he realizes that the assassin had a rope to rappel down to the room below, meaning O'Loughlin is the mole, not Bertram.

-Thinking her fiance has been cleared, Grace takes O'Loughlin along when she goes to Hightower's location to relieve Lisbon.

-Jane calls Lisbon just as O'Loughlin shoots her. When Lisbon still manages to distract Craig, both Grace and Hightower shoot and kill him.

-Jane remains at the mall where he met Bertram. He has Lisbon hit redial on O'Loughlin's cell phone. A red haired man at another table answers. 

-Jane meets Red John who holds a gun on Jane and tells him to get on with his life. Red John says he will get a new identity and disappear. When Jane questions  if he's really Red John, he tells him his daughter smelled like strawberries and cream. 

-Jane shoots him in the middle of the mall, then sits down to finish his tea.

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Red john had apear in season 3 espanal 3 he is Bret stiles i still remamber what he say to jane he said did you think i could be the killer jane say you couldnot heart baterfly why he said that ? And there are a lot of cammen thing with red john both or a leader have a lot of beliver that ready to die for them both are trying to help their beliver to became happy in their life to lead the to heppyniss to much happy and Bret stiles have crause beliver if you notes that and we knew that O'laughin was with working red john let us back when he meet with grace they meet in the same espanol she was driveing back to CBI ragsby said sameone falow us then she did a brave move turn wrong and then she discaver that he was FBI but wait he was working with red john then he was floweing them for bret stiles and donot forget bret stiles gave information about the disapearinc of crastina that red john had her of bret stiles i think or he red john or he working with him


I am looking forward to next season with Jane on trial. It seems pretty cut and dried on the surface that Jane can claim self defense but there are lingering questions:
Why would RJ go after Hightower if she is considered THE suspect in the Todd Johnson murder. Was he, as he told Jane, just trying to teach him another lesson in humility???
How did the bomber get loose from the handcuffs...? Larouce...? He is way too cryptic and knowledgeable.
And what happened to the psychic who was kidnaped by RJ at the end of S2?
I believe the person in the mall IS RJ. His voice inflections after getting the call that O'Laughlin was dead sound just like the "Tiger, Tiger" line he whispers to Jane at the end of S2. And he is firmly and confidently conversant with Jane in the mall.
But RJ is very well connected. His network of assassins and moles willing to give their lives to him and whatever his cause indicate big money and/or some plausible albeit sinister ideologies...


Yes. The character of Red John was played by Bradley Whitford.


Was that Bradley Whitford as Red John????????????

The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 23 Quotes

Frankly, this is less thrilling than you advertised and possibly wrong.


Jane: If Director Bertram wanted a CBi presence to jump off a cliff would you and your CBI presence jump off that cliff?
Lisbon: If there was overtime, sure.