The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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-Elise Vogelson is found burned to death in her own home. Her nephew, Curtis and her doctor say she was going senile but Casey, a young woman she went sailing with claimed her doctor was overprescribing her medication.


-The doctor claims that Elise was blackmailing him to make him prescribe the drugs. When they find one of the Vogelson's treasured medals in Curtis' studio, he is arrested for her murder.


-Jane figures out that Elise is still alive and hiding on the sailboat with Casey. Elise was about to be arrested for defrauding the Vogelson estate. So she killed Lissie Calhoun, a nurse during Vietnam who had a drinking problem that Elisa had befriended at her family's Soldier's Home.


-Elisa planned to kill Cassey too and sail off into the sunset. 


-Cho prods Rigsby into dating other women instead of pining for Grace who is still in Los Angeles. Wayne signs up for an online dating site but then stands up all of his dates. They show up at the CBI to complain and they are all tall red heads.


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Gee I hope TNT does't take the Mentalist off there line-up,We check it daily to see when the reruns show.It's cute and holds our interest, Simon Baker is also great in the Gaurdian, We love Simon keep him on your line-up. Thanks.


@entwife there you are. here's my immediate take.
as i feared, the episode was lightweight. jane was cute. lisbon was an adorable sidekick and serviceably pouty. the plot was more convoluted than usual and a little disjointed like they were trying to jam it with a lot of suspects doing not much more than protesting their innocence. too much rigsby. we get the point. does cho like the duped boat girl. he was uncharacteristically emotive with her. i was right, jane was playing around when he said "what do you take me for?" just classic jane/lisbon wisecracking. but i was dead wrong at the end, lisbon was indeed mad at jane for his jibe. but don't know why she persisted in saying but "i followed the rules." that's season two stuff.
so empty calories. next week looks great. he kissed her again! calloo callay she chortled in her joy - me that is.


He called the guy a ghoul. He can't stand Bret Plotnick. He was in the pilot episode too. Jane told him he was sure plot nick gets horny reading Fangoria. *snicker*


Did Jane call that guy a ghoul or goob at the beginning of the investigation. My other half and I kept wondering that.


I watch very few TV shows, but the Mentalist is one that I always watch, and love. I wish that CBS would do us the favor of leaving the show on a regular schedule with new shows rather than leaving us in the dark as to when we will see the next new episode, or any episode for that matter. The ratings would go up a lot more if they could leave the good shows on and keep them coming. Please give us regularly scheduled new weekly episodes of The Mentalist. I love all the cast - they all fit their characters perfectly. Kudos for such a great program, but please make sure that it is on every week as scheduled!!


Yes, It's been CBS all these years that the Mentalist has been on; At last were going to have 4 weeks in a row of new mentalist shows..But why 4 CBS? after the 4, more weeks without our beloved show?????And Thanks a lot CBS for telling all out here in the web and Los Angeles area about Simon Baker getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...Great heads up "NOT"


I agree, I used to count on TNT to watch the Mentalist when CBS would not show it, and now TNT does not show the Mentalist as much either.


The new Season 5 shows are on CBS, not TNT.


This season is driveing me nuts; I wonder if this is how Jane feels at times..The show plays one or at best two episodes and it's off for two to three weeks..what is this TNT? why all the off time? I can only hope with March sweeps comeing up that we can all get back on schedule. I though the last episode was fun; A lot of insight on Jane and Lisbon...Good work..