The Mentalist

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The mentalist
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-The CBI team investigate the murder of Callie and Rex, both found murdered in her home. The CBI and FBI fight over who should have the case.

-Tuns out Callie found out she won a lottery jackpot while Rex was there fixing her computer. He got greedy and tried to steal it.

-Callie hit and killed him with a bottle, then called the police.  The Officer also got greedy and killed Callie, then stole the ticket.

-The CBI/FBI rivalry is fueled by the deal Bertram made to keep the details of Wainwright's murder quiet. All charges against Jane have been dropped.  Agent Darcy has suffered a nervous breakdown and the CBI and FBI both want custody of Lorelei.

-Lisbon listens in as Jane tells Lorelei he's willing to save her. She asks for a kiss and he complies. Lisbon is furious. She's afraid Lorelei is playing him.

-Jane tells Lisbon he is playing Lorelei. Then the FBI take custody away from the CBI.

-When the CBI wins custody back, Jane and Lisbon go to pick up Lorelei but the guard brings a different woman in her place.  The real Lorelei is gone.

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Mentalist is defs my fav show. Would give up my life to watch it. I am a dedicated mentalist!!!!!!


cont: "Its sort of general purpose apology, use it for your top issues" best line of the eps.


Predictable trick and case especially if you're a loyal worshiper of the show, BUT a great start for a unique season.
CBI vs FBI battle, high intensity Lisbon which we never seen before (excellent job on Robin who stepped up her acting, it looks really natural) that's new and make sense to me especially after what she's been through since last finale.
Lisbon perfectly portrayed her character as Jane's best friend in a unique and interesting way (unlike any other shows, believe me I watched tons of show). And with Jane x Lisbon relationship escalating to a different level, this is new and interesting to watch. Also Jane calling her 'boss' it's really cute, something different. The Mentalist has the most complex character in television history I believed that, and right now we are in the heart of it. And overall the crimson ticket shows the mentalist from a different angle. I feel different emotions watching this episode. Great script as usual. "Its sort of general purpose apology, use it for your top issues" best line of the eps.


I hope CBS does not F**k up the Broadcast time. Just in case I set my DVR to add an extra hour


I can't wait for next episode... I'm from Serbia, The mentalist is on Croatian channel, but, i downloaded all seasons from pirates sites. Watched all, now i'm wondering, is there any way to see next episode online? Bye!!!


The Mentalist is the best show on TV. Awesome characters that all seem to mesh. I love the tease of Jane and Lisbon's relationship. I do hope it doesn't get serious though because the season would have to end and that would be terrible. Cho is quite a character but no one compares to Patrick. He's a perfect combination of whimsy, good looks, compassion and tragedy.


I just watched the rerun of last season's finale. It seems clear that the writers are starting to wind up the series. Lisbon's reaction to Jane's hitting rock bottom showed she cares for him deeply. They do love each other but right now it's more of a brother-sister love, kept from going beyond that by the Red John barrier. Jane's obsession with finding Red John is so deep I doubt he can recover a normal life if he succeeds. It's been 9 years of emotional trauma for him since starting CBI plus the five years before that, during which he was in a mental institution for a time. Logically, this can't end well. Logically there should be a "Moby Dick" type of ending, made more tragic by Jane and Lisbon realizing how much they do love each other. I hope the writers forget about logic and give us a happy ending. It's fiction - they can make it whatever they want to make it. Regardless, I LOVE this series!


@cmaglaughlin:Many thanks!


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I pooted and it tickled.

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature. If that's not anger, you should see a doctor.


She believes, poor soul, in a benevolent universe.

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