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-The CBI team investigate the murder of Callie and Rex, both found murdered in her home. The CBI and FBI fight over who should have the case.

-Tuns out Callie found out she won a lottery jackpot while Rex was there fixing her computer. He got greedy and tried to steal it.

-Callie hit and killed him with a bottle, then called the police.  The Officer also got greedy and killed Callie, then stole the ticket.

-The CBI/FBI rivalry is fueled by the deal Bertram made to keep the details of Wainwright's murder quiet. All charges against Jane have been dropped.  Agent Darcy has suffered a nervous breakdown and the CBI and FBI both want custody of Lorelei.

-Lisbon listens in as Jane tells Lorelei he's willing to save her. She asks for a kiss and he complies. Lisbon is furious. She's afraid Lorelei is playing him.

-Jane tells Lisbon he is playing Lorelei. Then the FBI take custody away from the CBI.

-When the CBI wins custody back, Jane and Lisbon go to pick up Lorelei but the guard brings a different woman in her place.  The real Lorelei is gone.

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I just stopped my TV cable so I am done with my favorite shows. Too many commercials, local football or weather reports taking over for almost the entire show. Maybe, once in a while, I will be able to catch it on Netflix. Au revoir !


i hope to god Jane and Lisbon don't ever get together. once they do, then BAM! show's over. they're dynamic only works because they aren't romantically interested in each other. and can you really imagine them being all lovey-dovey and cutesy with each other? eugh.


they don't love each other and won't be able to until Patrick finds closure through catching Red John.


I think that Lisbon and Jane's love for one another should be explored a little more. They obviously love one another and would do anything for each other in a time of need. It is this love and chemistry that make there relationship work.


I can hardly wait for the new season of "The Mentalist".

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Your temples are pulsing like some weird undersea creature. If that's not anger, you should see a doctor.


She believes, poor soul, in a benevolent universe.