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-FBI Agent Reede Smith suspects Jane of torturing and killing Benjamin Marx, a man who Jane once pushed things to far with to get a confession. 


-Jane tells Lisbon the Marx was on a fake Red John list he wrote up, that may have been stolen from his room at the CBI.


-When Jane learns that former CBI Director Madeleine Hightower and her family were killed on vacation in Mexico, he pays his respects to her aunt and leaves a message on a memorial webstie.


-A very much alive Hightower makes contact with Jane. Fearing Red John's wrath, she faked her death. She tells Jane that the FBI has been watching him for years and giving the information to Homeland Security.


-When Jane confronts Bob Kirkland, Kirkland takes him hostage at his cabin where he's torturing Richard Haibach, another name on the fake list. Kirkland lost his twin brother to Red John and is willing to torture and kill to get his revenge. 


-Hightower calls Lisbon, worried about Jane. The women track down Kirkland's cabin and rescue Jane. Reede Smith arrests Kirkland.


-While in transit, Reede confirms to Kirkland that there is a secret organization within California law enforcement. Tiger, Tiger is a code word. Then he makes Kirkland run from the van and kills him as an escapee.

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I personally think it is Sheriff McAllister. We know Tyger Tyger is the code Red John's accomplices use, and now we know Reede Smith is the "friend in the FBI" he referenced in the last episode of series 4. Heller has hinted that there was "more than meets the eye" re: the meeting between Bertram, Smith and McAllister in episode 2 and if so, you'd have to say that McAllister, as a local sheriff would have little influence in any sort of organisation. Smith and Bertram, as prominent agents, are clearly both accomplices used by RJ for their position and influence.


Don´t know about you people, but this episode was a big disappointment for me...I love Jane for being smarter than everyone else, but then he goes alone, with no backup, to poke Kirkland, and gets caught and about to be tortured like a very dumb person. Very out of character for Mr. Smartest. But worst of all, is the idea of a "Red John" organization inside the police...this simply CONTRADICTS EVERYTHING we know about Red John till now, why would a secret organization kill ordinary girls an Jane´s family in hideous ways??? WTF??? If THIS is the way Mr. Heller´s gonna try to go, I´m very much afraid of a nonsensical answer to RJ´s mistery identity, AND I´ll be HUGELY disappointed to have followed so many enjoyable episodes with so many clues only to be played like a fool in the end...Series authors should maintain a minimum of coherence and logic lest they lose all credibility with their audiences.


I have my own theory, that Jane has schyzophrenia and his 2nd personality is the Red John. Thats why he is always one step before Jane him self and why Red John knows everything about Jane and his plans....


Sophie said "her patient" is in "good health". Does this mean we can rule out the overweight guys? I think it could not be Stiles because he is to well known as the leader of his church. Can we really be sure that RJ himself was "the Patient" and not one of his "associates". I'm sure we will see the actor of Kirkland again as Michael Kirkland.




Hey Kirkland, don't you dare touch any of his fingers or you'll have to deal with us...

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

If I wanted to kill Benjamin Marx I would have done it the first time.


Lisbon: Every time we go to see one of these Red John suspects, I get edgy.
Jane: Really? Can't tell.
Lisbon: Really? Oh.