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-Chad Parkman is stabbed to death in his hotel room with no one else inside. Chad was about to join Visualize and Ray Haffner insinuates himself into the CBI's investigation per a letter from the Lt. Governor.

-Turns out Haffner was suppose to protect Parkman from his gay lover who was trying to sue him. When confronted, Haffner tells Teresa and Grace to steer clear of Jane before they get hurt.

-Parkman's lover, Frost was going to tell the world that they had an affair starting when Parkman was Frost's coach, thus destroying his career. Parkman shot Frost but Frost stabbed him first. Parkman made it back to his hotel room before bleeding out.

-Kira Tinsley ask Cho out for coffee but Jane catches her planting a listening device. She's a private investigator that Cho mistakenly believes was hired by Visualize.

-Jane figures out she was hired by Red John, who attacks her in her home. Before she dies, she tells Jane that her killer had three red dots tattooed on his left shoulder.

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The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

You're so much smarter than everyone else but it isn't helping you catch Red John is it?


Your blind struggle against fate. So heroic. So fruitless. Bret says there's a lot to be learned by watching Patrick Jane so we all do.