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-Larry Kincaid is found dead in a pond in Napa. The CBI takes the case so that Jane can gain more access to Sheriff McAllister. 


-Larry was a wedding guest in Napa and Jane's interference has the bride calling off the wedding. Later Grace convinces her to call the wedding back on.


-The CBI changes it's policy on interoffice relationships. When Jane needs a distraction at the couples wedding reception, Rigsby proposes to Grace. She accepts.


-Charlie another wedding guest is caught trying to steal an expensive antique bible from the church. The first time he tried, Larry interrupted him and Charlie killed him.


-Charlie takes Jane hostage as he tries to get away and drags him up to the roof. Sheriff McAllister climbs up and saves Jane, dispelling the theory that he has a fear of heights, as Sophie's patient notes say Red John has.


-Wayne and Grace get married at the courthouse with Cho, Lisbon and Jane looking on. 

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The house where the csi was killed was full of pigeons and the sherriff has a type of phobia of them in ep 3, so RJ isnt him?


From Daniel Cerone, TM writer of 6x03: [Question] Now that Rigsby and Van Pelt are married, does this bring up the possibility of other characters seriously considering taking the next step? [Answer] Yeah, Lisbon and Jane is something we discuss as writers. It’s something we’re very aware the fans have interest in. In terms of the future with what happens after Red John and the dynamics and the relationships, that is something we’re still exploring. We’re very much aware of the interest and desire of Lisbon and Jane. They have a great need for each other and they’re each other’s support systems because they’ve been through so much together. It’s fair to say we’ll explore different aspects of their relationship.


Yes, @creamy This is the fourth episode in the row to tall attention to pigeons. 5x22 Lisbon's mother feeding the pigeons, 6x01 pigeons in the house where Partridge was killed, 6x02 the woman feeding pigeons on the park bench next to Jane and Lisbon, and now 6x03 the pigeon that flew up and scared McAllister. I took a lot of ribbing on Tumblr for noticing this last episode, and here they are again. Weird and I have no idea what, if anything, it means. :) @Carobachik Jimmy Gadd, the editor for tonight's episode, tweeted that there were two little Jisbon moments in tonight's episode and there would be a big one in 6x06. So, if the editor of the episode says it there, Ima go with him. I suppose it's all relative. We'll see how it washes out.


so....after:I could marry you off in a minute came the real deal: DON'T TEMPT ME!!that was like....please be tempted Jane!!!


What the ??????? Patrick Jane THE MASTER OF CEREMONY????Is it true if it is than it's gonna be awesome !!!!!


Take a look at the nurse who asked "Carmen Lee?" and the woman who is feeding the pigeons on the bench next to Jane and Lisbon. The faces of these 2 women look the same, perhaps they are the same person and were planted into the hospital and then into the park, by Red John. I don't know what the purpose would be, but their faces look too similar to me for this to be a coincidence.


Haha can't wait. A little comic relief will be a welcome (temporary) break from all of this intensity and darkness that I otherwise love so much.


really???Jane the master of the ceremony?kidding?woow, it'a must see!

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Lisbon: Hey Jane. Care to offer your opinion?
Jane: These ducks love muffins.
Lisbon: Very helpful.

Rigsby: Was I snoring again?
Grace: I thought it was a low flying jet.