The Mindy Project

Tuesdays 9:30 PM on FOX
Mindy with danny the mindy project season 3 episode 1
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Mindy falls for a holy man on The Mindy Project this week as Anders Holm guest stars. Mindy wants to see her pastor in action, so she convinces Danny to come along with her to his sermon. After one date and one trip to the church Mindy is sold, but Pastor Casey is not too sure Mindy is selfless enough for him. Mindy joins the rest of her practice on their volunteer trip to a women's prison to prove she isn't selfish. Morgan tries to lay down some rules of conduct for them all to follow, but a riot breaks out when Mindy ignores his warnings. 

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The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

a women's prison you guys? Come on, if I wanted to get shanked, I'd just shave my legs drunk again.


I once fasted for a month during Ramadan just to be more Catholic. You know, I wander into Bris's and come out more Catholic.