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Jim, Toby, and Gabe make up the search committee that is out to find the new manager for Dunder Mifflin Scranton.  Many outsiders have come in to interview, while many of those in the office also are attempting to win the position.

Meanwhile, Creed continues his post as interim manager with empty meetings, empty acronyms, and fake phone calls to Pam.  Also, Phyllis and Erin think that they might be mother and daughter so they get it tested.  It turns out that it isn't the case, but Phyllis doesn't have the heart to tell Erin.

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Dan your review sucked. Sounds like you got an axe to grind.


This show still has legs. Great to watch and would still draw in new viewers. The Office looked like it was being dragged down by the departure of Michael Scott. Now that it's out of the way it's gone back to being actually an entertaining comedy sitcom about office life. If the people behind the scenes and keep the standards set by the last three eps then the show is good to go.
The ending matched the opening and the guests maded so much better. Great episode and like the last handful gave the series a new lease now that it's actually about 'the office'.


Even after the seasons this show is still better than newer ones on air. It was a very funny show and Carrel's absence isn't even noticed.


OMG Creed FTW!! How is it after all these episodes this episode had the best opening ever! Creed still is a mystery even after all this time. From there it was the same standard through out the episode. Dwight Schrute FTW! How that character manages to stay fresh is a mystery. That was it for all of them as they did what they did best. Damn you B.J.Novak for having what might be the funniest line of the double episodes. Amazing how the creators pull some seriously great storylines together. Kathy Bates in her role is fantastic. Liked how the relationship of Pam and Jim took a backseat and Pam went back to being what she always was. Just excellent work from the writers. Not much else to say but the moments in this double ep came thick and fast. Didn't stop being hilarious from the opening scene to the end credits. Simply brilliant in every way. Another episode where every character shone. One character appears to take a backseat but that person should stay put. 5 Stars!

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Bread is the paper of the food industry. You write your sandwich on it.


A beautiful morning at Dunder Mifflin, or like a like to call it, Great Bratton.