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In the cold open, Dwight tries to pick up some day laborers so that he can work them all day and then drop them off in Harrisburg without paying them.  He grabs an English speaking guy and brings him to Dunder Mifflin to kill a hornets' nest.

Everyone finds out that Michael has a cold sore, that may or may not be herpes.  Dwight convinces him to contact all of his old lovers to tell them he has herpes.

Andy offers everyone in the office pizza for listening him talk about the horrors of sex.  Nobody appreciates what he is doing, and he gets upset. Even more so when Gabe confronts him and tells him to let the Erin thing go because it was clear he set up the seminar to see if she was having sex.

Michael calls Holly and she tells him that he made their relationship out to be more than it was, and he gets upset.  He then saw Jan, Helene, and Carol to see if they felt the same way. But Michael ends the episode by leaving Holly a message and saying she's wrong: what they had was special.

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This episode was great in my opinion, only because it is a Michael Scott episode, and i do agree somewhat with the Andy storyline, but i thought that there were some funny gags in there, like when Kevin said that sex felt unbeleiveble or when Andy said he would put a condom on a pencil, But it is the first of many Michael Scott goodbye episodes. This show is great and i do think still to this day that it is underated. Bring Holly back! 4.5/5


OK, I may be grasping at staws, but didn't Jan have Astrid only 2 years ago? That kid was like 4 or 5! Even Holly said that she and AJ have been dating a year and half and that was right after she left Scranton and Jan had just had the kid. I watch too much Office. :)

The Office Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Dwight: I left him all the tools he needs. This is do or die. If he chooses correctly, he will conquer the hornets.
Andy: And if he doesn't?
Dwight: He'll die.
Everyone: What? Beg your pardon?
Dwight: When did the phrase "Do or die" become so corrupted?

Phyllis: I got stung up my dress.
Dwight: Poor hornet.