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It was the Dunder Mifflin Christmas Party, and Andy wanted to make everyone's wish come true.  The problem for Erin was that Andy's girlfriend Jessica showed up to the event.  She was nice to Jess, but she also got hammered on shots.  Andy worried about Erin getting with Robert after the night ended, but thankfully that didn't happen.


Meanwhile, Andy told Jim and Dwight that if they prank each other they will lose their Christmas bonuses.  The two guys spend the entire day pranking themselves in attempts to get the other one in trouble.

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Well. This was certainly interesting. I was amazed at the polish of the writing, for the most part. NOT focusing on Andy "being the bumbling boss" and instead utilizing the ensemble cast = far, far better episode than we've been seeing. Ellie Kemper is such a gem; she carried a strong A-story and played the fool brilliantly as usual. Many of the characters had great contributions and interactions in this one. Andy's GF was great and seemed like a real, normal person, which was a stark contrast to the increasingly two-dimensional characters around her. Negatives: The Jim/Dwight feud thing was overdone and almost trite at this point in the series' maturity. Hated Toby's part, and missed the satisfaction of Michael being there to say it openly. Still no lines for Pam's replacement?? (At least she got a mention.) Robert California's meddling between Andy & Erin had no payoff. Final (negative) comment: Is this show still a comedy? OK, it had genuinely funny moments (straight-faced Andy with "hard-ass" hat = LOL) but if I had to categorize this episode, it would be more drama than comedy. Which is... actually kind of OK with me? 4/5 stars.

The Office Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

Robert: It's been ten days since I've had sexual intercourse.
Andy: Well you came to the right place.

Gam Gam's name is Ruth. Jim you should know. I introduced you that one time, on speaker phone.