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It was Halloween in Scranton, and Robert California came to visit.  Andy wants to impress Robert yet again, so he decides Erin's decorations just weren't cutting it.  He enlists Angela and Phyllis to help her so Erin gets upset.  At the end of the day Andy tells Erin that he has been seeing someone and didn't know how to tell her.


Robert spends the day finding out what everyone in the office is scared of.  He ends the night with a spooky story hitting each and every one of those fears.


Jim finds out Pam believes in ghosts and can't handle it.  Dwight makes friends with Robert's son and they play computer games all day long.

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I thought this was the best episode for "Robert California". I have been waiting for a little bit of comedy from this character. I thought this was a bust out episode for this character. 3 quick examples, the style of how
Robert introduces his son to the office by saying "this is a paper company".
Also, how Robert is awkwardly in the middle of a uncomfortable conversation
between Erin & Andy. The 3rd example, is Robert going from employee to employee in the office and putting them on the spot. Dwight was funny as usual with his mission to where a Halloween custom with

The Office Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

You're the people's princess! Diana was nothing!


Andy: Chef from South Park. It's genius!
Stanley: Just some chef.