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On this week's episode...

- Bristol Palin proves she was a terrible actress.

- Amy finds out her gifted music program is specifically for teen mothers.

- Adrian wants an abortion, Ben is supportive.

- People at school think Amy is really gone because she’s pregnant again.

- Ashley and Ricky kiss, FINALLY.

- Jack and Tom eat pot brownies and barely trip.

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Such a good series??? seriously? woow valeee...even my 10 years old sister spends 40 minutes laughing with my at this crapy show when it is on..


I can't waitt until tomorrow... I wanna see what happens next.. This is really such a good series


Godd.. i don't think amy is gonna get pregnant again, atleast not in highschool.. this stupid rumor..Meanwhile i think adrien should keep the baby, even she/he isn't already born we're talking about a life and i'd feel a crup if killed a baby even if i didnt want it...