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The simpsons
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Flanders begins dating Mrs. Krabappel, but is concerned with her past history with the many men of Springfield.

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Edna is a teacher and Ned needs some education that is not in a text book. Ned having to cram for his "tutoring" with the Joy of Sex. Possibilities are endless!!!


I think Flanders should just get over it & keep on seeing her. I like the relationship "Nedna" and besides she needs a good man, as dorky as he is!!!


why whould mis krabaplle go out with commic book guy?


Think "OLD GIRL" should go with ned and ned with her


I think the brilliant writers of this groundbreaking show will be able to create many humerous episodes with the mismatch of "nedna"

The Simpsons Season 22 Episode 22 Quotes

You can never raise a hand to a child. Just stop cutting the crust off their sandwiches. They'll get the message.


We can handle the alcoholism, melted cheese in the microwave and, selling A's for cigarettes, but not laying a hand on a child.

Principal Skinner