The Vampire Diaries won't return with a new episode until January 14, but it gave us a whole lot to chew on in the meantime...

- At the school's career night, Jeremy discovered a few painting drawn by Tyler. They were of old, seemingly mythical creatures, similar to the ones he read about in his father's journal. But when Jeremy tried to bond with Tyler, they got into a fight over Vicki. The mayor, Tyler's dad, stepped in, took them outside and actually encouraged the boys to fight.

But Alaric stepped in and the mayor went away. Later, when Jeremy again approached Tyler, the latter hit the former. Jeremy asked what his problem was and Tyler said he didn't know. But the camera showed a full moon in the background and we think we know.

- The main focus of the episode was Logan's return as a vampire. After Damon tracked him down, Logan surprised the typically dominating vampire by shooting him with wooden bullets inside a warehouse. Damon demanded to know who turned Logan, but he said he didn't know. He just woke up in a grave the night he had supposedly been killed. He, in turn, demanded to know how Damon can walk around during the daylight, but neither side gave the other what they wanted.

From there, it was off to career night for Logan. He confronted Stefan, only to be shot down and told never to threaten him again. Logan left, still unsure about how to walk around in the sun, but the night was not a total loss. He gave Caroline a ride home - and immediately knocked her out with a shove against the window.

As Logan phoned Sheriff Forbes - with whom he had an interesting discussion earlier; she knows he's a vampire, and he was peeved that she had so quickly turned against him - to taunt her over his abduction of Caroline, Stefan and Damon swooped in. It was cool to see them working together. Stefan drove Caroline away to safety, while Damon remained behind to get information out of Logan.

He still wouldn't reveal who turned him, but he did ask: do you think you're the only one that wants to get into the tomb? Damon was instantly intrigued by this mention of Katherine's location and he let Logan go, telling him to meet him at the tomb's location later that night. But Logan never made it there.

He was met at the warehouse by Alaric, who had a trusty stake handy when Logan attacked him. Guess this guy really is a vampire slayer, after all. What does that mean for the Salvatores?

When the sheriff found the body, she called Damon to thank him, assuming he did the deed. But Damon was disappointed over the news because he was denied information about Kather's tomb.

Stefan was having a better night. Elena told him she loved him and refused to let her walk away. The two made love (!!!!), but it was downhill from there. Stefan got up to fetch Elena water, she walked around his room and found the photo of Katherine, saw their resemblance and left in a hurry. She even left her vervain necklace on the table, we guess as a gesture that she was gone for good.

On the road, a man (Damon?) suddenly appeared in front of Elena's car. She hit him. The car flippe, but Elena seemed relatively okay... until she opened her eyes, trapped inside, and saw this shadowy figure easily rise and walk toward her. Cue scream. Fade to black...

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ooops i thought you meant the show opener scene at the beginning sorry


song played in the promo is 'Help i'm alive' by 'metric' :)


why are they cutting off the show until january 14th?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


I watch last night episode and wow I can not believe Elena did not know that she looked like Katherine. I thought Damon told her that in episode 2 when she first met him I guess not. I'm still trying to figure out why she left I mean they just nade love I would have questioning him about that picture and why he still have it if he love her. I wouldn't have just left like that. Now she is in a situation where she may possibly almost killed by whoever she just hit. I prdeict Stefan will tell her that the picture of kathering does not matter because he loves her and not katerine because although Elena told him he did not tell her so i beileve he should tell her that before thing else goes further.


BTW...loved the shirtless scene of stefan at the beginning of
last weeks episode - it was so sexy, he is so buff!!!


omg on last weeks episode of v.d i was so shocked to find out that the new history teacher is a vampire as well (i noticed when i saw the ring on his finger which is the same ring stefan and damon have)im guessing that he has some sort of linked relation with the salvatore bros - why else would there be another vampire on the show??? its so obvious!!!! well anyways im so jazzed about this weeks episode because in last weeks episode bonnie got possessed
by emily and i think elena knows, and caroline doesnt have a clue...LOL so i wanna see what happpens, i also want elena and stefan to get back together...maybe...hmmmm? i hope that jenna doesnt get in too deep with that vampire teacher he could be an evil vampire like damon, and also caroline got in too deep with damon so ya i hope that doesnt happen with jenna we'll just have to watch and see what happens with everyone this week


What's the song playing in the promo???


I'm pretty sure the common enemy is Alaric . Though it may also be Logan . GOD! Trust Jenna to be romantically involved w/ the wrong people at the wrong time! Though the fact that Matt Davis is a total hottie doesn't hurt. ;)

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I don't wanna talk about my future, Stefan. Because everything you're saying makes it perfectly clear you aren't gonna be in it.


We're a team. We could travel the world together. We could try out for The Amazing Race!