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Let's run through all the developments on a fantastic season finale:

- Klaus killed Elijah, saying he was fulfilling his promise and reuniting him with their family.

- Stefan learned that Klaus' blood could cure a werewolf bite, so be made a deal with this devil: Damon is saved, and Stefan will do whatever Klaus wants. Which turns out to be forcing Stefan to become a blood-sucking, cold-hearted murderer again. He makes Stefan down gobs of blood and tells him they are leaving Mystic Falls - right after Stefan proves himself. Klaus tosses an innocent girl his way and Stefan gladly devours here.

- Katherine delivered the cure to Damon, who was being nursed by Elena. Without getting into specifics, she tells them Stefan gave himself over to Klaus in exchange for it.

- Caroline's mom accidentally shot Jeremy, having aimed for Damon. But Bonnie uses some spell to bring him back to life, despite ancient witches telling her there will be consequences. And what are those? When Jeremy later wakes up in his house, he sees Anna and Vicki somehow.

- Caroline's mom also accepts who her daughter really is. They embrace.

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todayyy, I cannot wait!

David and sabrina 2014

this episode will truly be one shocking ending to this season. Now that Damon is dying from the werewolf bite, he is also going to start going crazy as much as Rose did in episode 12 of season 2. What's mostly shocking is how he will act around Elena. It will be a big bummer if he ends up leaving the show as well. After this show ends, I'm going to start dying to see how the third season will be like. The better the action, the more awesome this show gets. =)


I am with anyone here as long as he doesn't want to see Damen die!!
I will hate the producer if Damen dies!!!
Perhaps he could turn human and stay with Elene!!!
Please don't kill our Damen!!
Damen's fans from China!!


i love you damon and elena


Ha elena has to play !!!!!!!!!! Damon's who love the truth and not that of the spring Stefen.
and deep down she knows it, just do not want to admit.


Taylor, i think your theory may be somewhat true! Damon may turn human, we did not see rose die. What do u think of him turning human? I loveee vampire diaries, its what i look forward to the most, i dont want it to end, i wish they could air season 3 straight away.


i hope Damon doesn't die!!!!! If he dies, i am ncrying like a baby! but most likely, he wont die......


We don't actually know if a werewolf bite "kills" a vampire because Damon staked Rose before she died from it. What if a werewolf bite doesn't "kill" a vampire but "turns them human"? Just a theory...who's with me?


Does Elena really Damon's true love,maybe it's Katherine..but I vote for selfish stupid Elena..


damon deserves happiness,after being inlove with two women who have never loved him back (maybe elena) is making him a really unhappy guy,katherine just messed with him and his feelings,and with elena he has to be good and kind but he doesn't know how to:( i hope when delena kiss (which they WILL!) she finally realizes how much she loves him reallly(L)

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm the one who made him a vampire in the first place. If there's a cure, I owe it to him to find it.


Movie night is supposed to be a distraction. Tomorrow we can return to our regularly scheduled drama.


The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 22 Music

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Turn to stone Turn to Stone Ingrid Michaelson iTunes
Holding a heart Holding A Heart Girl Named Toby iTunes
Speakers Speakers Days Difference iTunes