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Let's run through all the developments on a fantastic season finale:

- Klaus killed Elijah, saying he was fulfilling his promise and reuniting him with their family.

- Stefan learned that Klaus' blood could cure a werewolf bite, so be made a deal with this devil: Damon is saved, and Stefan will do whatever Klaus wants. Which turns out to be forcing Stefan to become a blood-sucking, cold-hearted murderer again. He makes Stefan down gobs of blood and tells him they are leaving Mystic Falls - right after Stefan proves himself. Klaus tosses an innocent girl his way and Stefan gladly devours here.

- Katherine delivered the cure to Damon, who was being nursed by Elena. Without getting into specifics, she tells them Stefan gave himself over to Klaus in exchange for it.

- Caroline's mom accidentally shot Jeremy, having aimed for Damon. But Bonnie uses some spell to bring him back to life, despite ancient witches telling her there will be consequences. And what are those? When Jeremy later wakes up in his house, he sees Anna and Vicki somehow.

- Caroline's mom also accepts who her daughter really is. They embrace.

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DAMON dies.. vampire dairies dies.. !! EOD .. i so hate tylr fr biting him ..


Damon won't die we all know that however the thing is without him there would be no show.even my mate don't like damon but said the same


I literally have no words about the season finale.


Damon will not die, i think by drinking the blood of an original, it will cure the wolf bite


I want Damon to survive but... Bring back Jenna. Somehow. Please...


and btw, I can't wait for next week clip at least :))


Damon won't die :x


No, we all don't want Damon and Elena together. Elena belongs with Stefan and Damon needs to move on with it. How could Elena even think to kiss Damon after everything that Stefan has done for her and how much he loves her? In the previews for next week, Elena is saying no, no, no to Damon, so he's trying to force her to do something she doesn't want to. You call that love?


..I am another huge Vampire Diaries fan to say to least. No one wants Damon Dead and we all want to see Damon and Elena Finally kissing like they should have been from the start. The writer finally needs to bring Damon and Elena together...This is what the we all want to see happen....Reversal....Damon and Elena and maybe even Catherine and Stefan....Either Stefan teaching Catherine to stop drinking blood or have Catherine make Stefan go bad again. Either way it would be a twist to the story line again....


omg if damen dies theres like no show and wats with not showing the clip for next week NO FAIR!

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I'm the one who made him a vampire in the first place. If there's a cure, I owe it to him to find it.


Movie night is supposed to be a distraction. Tomorrow we can return to our regularly scheduled drama.


The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 22 Music

  Song Artist
Turn to stone Turn to Stone Ingrid Michaelson iTunes
Holding a heart Holding A Heart Girl Named Toby iTunes
Speakers Speakers Days Difference iTunes