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A friend of Mason's from Florida named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls this week, curious about what's going on after she hears Tyler leave his uncle a message about transforming into a werewolf.

We see her place a call to someone and tell this individual about Tyler, and then we see Alaric and Damon try to get intel out of her at The Grill. But she's on to them, telling Damon she could smell his vampire-ness, along with the wolfsbane in her drink. Because it's a full moon, she tells Damon it's the wrong night to mess with her. He's been "marked."

What does this mean? We don't know. But Damon returns home and finds Rose, who says she needs a friend and will even help Damon protect Elena. She'll also have sex with him in the meantime. However, Rose soon gets attacked by a werewolf - and bitten.

Later in the episode, though, the wound appears to heal. Until she and Damon start to go at it, and it returns to her shoulder, seemingly bubbling and growing. This is how the episode ends.


- Tyler goes through the painful transition, but remains chained in his family's cellar. Caroline remains by him the entire time.

- Elijah comes to Elena and strikes a deal with her: he wants to kill Klaus. All Elena has to do is live her normal life, drawing Klaus out in the process. Elijah will be sure to protect her and her loved ones in exchange. He says he's a man of his word and appears to prove that by using Jonas to life the tomb curse... for Stefan only.

He's allowed to leave, but Katherine remains in the tomb. During her earlier interaction with Stefan, she had told him to look into Isobel if he wants to learn more about The Originals.

- Bonnie, meanwhile, asks Luca to help her break the moonstone curse. They work together and appear to actually explode this item, leaving Bonnie to believe the mission is accomplished. But Luca has deceived her. He goes home, tells his dad that Bonnie bought the entire "show" and gives Jonas the moonstone. Jonas tells his son there's one more thing he needs him to do, but it isn't revealed on the episode.

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David and sabrina 2014

I thought of this episode being a really good one. It sucked that Damon had to lose Rose in the next episode (when he truly loved her) when she got bitten by Jewls when she was a werewolf. It was a wonderful thing to have Elijah free Stefan from being trapped in the tomb with Katherine (known always as the worst character) and having him return into Elena's arms once again. Tyler surely wants to be a normal person but when Jewls gets him involved, his transformation went crazy. Some of the werewolves are kind of lame in this show but it's better to have helpful friends accomplishing tasks. This episode was known as my #3 favorite of season 2. =)


I thought the Tyler transformation scenes were amazing and not a let down at all. You can see at the end that this was such a life altering experience for him and for Caroline too. This was really their episode. The only other high point of the episode for me were Elijah's scenes, his is creepy and scary. I do agree the whole fake tomb makeout was a let down but it did lead to Katherine actually doing something unselfish. On the whole I thought it was a great episode mostly thanks to the Caroline/Tyler scenes, their chemistry is perfect.


I love Vampire Caroline, she is so beautiful/confident/controled/good/amazing. I really like the instense chemistry between her and tyler, which was not there with the Matt character. I like it that at least one GIRL vampire is in the team, because all the girls have either died or it is just guysm Katherine doesnt count because he is evil. I must say that the last few episodes I have been very excited to watch Caroline and her story. Oh and looooooove it that there is a girl wolf..!!! This show is awsome, with a bit of everything and the ACTION and TWISTS... best show I have ever seen, I am the characters age, in my 20's so you dont have to be a teen to watch. To all the chritics that have labaled this show as bad for young girls - "oh please' with all the discusting gore thats on TV like NCIS, Closed Case, etc, where all that happens is rape and murder, Go and wake up to your self people because, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Has Brilliant Cast and Writers, it is an AMAZING Show. Thanks for reading, just had to get that of my chest. I am all the way in Australia, currently stugying acting, and I am learning a lot from the TVD cast.


This episode was fanastic!(personally)Can`t wait to see caroline and Tyler!


I am Mary Lou Kelnhofer Grassel and I was iffy about the ending. I too, did not think it was up to par compared to John having his fingers cut off etc. However, I have them all taped, season I DVD, so I am set for life. Damon rocks...and he needs a good love scene to make it complete. I mean like at the end of the last season.....really good. And....he has lots and lots of volunteers! Lucky Damon or lucky the one he chooses lol.


Damon and Elena!!!!! I think we're getting a first kiss in the season 2 finale (only), cause they love to make us suffer.


I've read all of the books and I find it interesting how they try to take things from the book and adapt it to the screen. The books are almost so dark and bizarre that it would be hard to adapt it the screen but I do recognize parts that they do try to follow some storylines. In the book, Matt eventually learns the secret of the vampires and the werewolves....and he played such an interesting part in the group of friends. I just wonder if Matt will be "allowed" to get in on the mystical Mystic Falls action. Oh, loved the Tyler transformation. That guy did a great job!! I hope they took that guy out for a beer after that scene!....the young lady that plays Caroline too! I think they stole the show! (Although in the books, Tyler was a really nasty character.....and Caroline got possessed by some bizarre demon spirit....I rather like what they've done with them both on TV.)


I think you're being a bit harsh. Sure, there were more exciting episodes this season but last night was everything I wanted it to be. And really I think it's what everyone has been waiting for. Tyler's transformation was the best part of the show. It was agonizing to watch. I was covering my mouth the whole time. It was definitely powerful. And I have to say that I much prefer this type of Werewolf transformation. You feel their pain and it genuinely seems like a curse. Where as you look at True Blood or Twilight and they make turning to a wolf seem like a walk in the park. Also, I didn't like Lucca from the beginning so I was pleased to find that he cannot be trusted. And my favorite part...


I enjoyed the episode. I was confident going in that Stefan would not give in to Katherine. It had to be some kind of dream and I was glad that was confirmed. Stefan loves Elena too much to betray her with someone he hates so much.
I am curious how all the werewolf storylines are going to play out. Now that we know there are more out there. Also, how is the Caroline/Tyler dynamic going to change when he finds out she's been lying to him.
I'm bummed I have to wait until the end of January to see new TVD episodes. I Love this show soo much!


I just love damon no matter what he does he is great. I wish Elena would give him a chance.

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Elena is on a martyr tear that rivals even if you're greatest hits.


We're not gonna let you get used in some creepy sacrifice ritual.