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A friend of Mason's from Florida named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls this week, curious about what's going on after she hears Tyler leave his uncle a message about transforming into a werewolf.

We see her place a call to someone and tell this individual about Tyler, and then we see Alaric and Damon try to get intel out of her at The Grill. But she's on to them, telling Damon she could smell his vampire-ness, along with the wolfsbane in her drink. Because it's a full moon, she tells Damon it's the wrong night to mess with her. He's been "marked."

What does this mean? We don't know. But Damon returns home and finds Rose, who says she needs a friend and will even help Damon protect Elena. She'll also have sex with him in the meantime. However, Rose soon gets attacked by a werewolf - and bitten.

Later in the episode, though, the wound appears to heal. Until she and Damon start to go at it, and it returns to her shoulder, seemingly bubbling and growing. This is how the episode ends.


- Tyler goes through the painful transition, but remains chained in his family's cellar. Caroline remains by him the entire time.

- Elijah comes to Elena and strikes a deal with her: he wants to kill Klaus. All Elena has to do is live her normal life, drawing Klaus out in the process. Elijah will be sure to protect her and her loved ones in exchange. He says he's a man of his word and appears to prove that by using Jonas to life the tomb curse... for Stefan only.

He's allowed to leave, but Katherine remains in the tomb. During her earlier interaction with Stefan, she had told him to look into Isobel if he wants to learn more about The Originals.

- Bonnie, meanwhile, asks Luca to help her break the moonstone curse. They work together and appear to actually explode this item, leaving Bonnie to believe the mission is accomplished. But Luca has deceived her. He goes home, tells his dad that Bonnie bought the entire "show" and gives Jonas the moonstone. Jonas tells his son there's one more thing he needs him to do, but it isn't revealed on the episode.

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Rain pebble

i meant..find*

Rain pebble

omg...you know i fine it very strange and just omg of me to not have EVER asked myself,who will turn elena ???


I think Damon deserves better then Elena, he deserves me ;) Well I hope that it's in a dream that Stephan and Kathrine is having sex, or at lest that it's a trick!


Well in the book Elena is turned into a vampire and I am curious to see how in the show it plays out because this season is starting to catch up into the 3 to 4th book.


Sooner or later Elena is going to have to be turned in order to stay out of danger. I just wonder which one of the brothers are going to turn her or will it be Katherine?


i want damon and elena together,they look so hot


Kathrine will have sex with stefan in the tomb


woah woah woah, the new episode's preview is surprising!!!!!!!! i wonder whats going to happen between elena and damon! better yet stefon and katharine!! or even bonnie and jermy!! cant wait!!


omgg! didney think tht stefan would do tht...? Ioveeeeee Damon soo much x he does deserve elena.! :)


yeah i think damon deserves elena

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Elena is on a martyr tear that rivals even if you're greatest hits.


We're not gonna let you get used in some creepy sacrifice ritual.