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All the action this week took place at the Lockwoods' masquerade ball. Let's go over what went down:

- Bonnie, Jeremy, Damon and Stefan planned to kill Katherine. With the help of Caroline luring her to a room upstairs, Damon and Stefan confronted their nemesis and had her trapped because Bonnie cursed the room with the same spell she put on the tomb awhile back: no vampire could leave.

Damon and Stefan went about stabbing Katherine with stakes, but there was a problem: Elena - who showed up at the party because she was suspicious when she didn't hear from anyone all day - felt every stab wound, as well. Turns out, a witch named Lucy had cast a spell that connected Katherine and Elena. We had met Lucy earlier, as she appeared to owe Katherine a favor and this was clearly it.

As a result, the brothers ceased their attack and pretty much just hung out with Katherine in the room. But Bonnie took action, confronting Lucy and grabbing her arm. Both witches them felt something. For Bonnie, it was that she could trust Lucy and she acted on that instinct by giving her the moonstone. She then passed it along to Katherine, but she cursed it. When Katherine got her hands on the item, she went down, paralyzed. Lucy yelled at Katherine for not telling her another witch, a Bennet no less, was around. She proceeds to tell Bonnie they are cousins before leaving the party.

- With Katherine mobilized, Stefan approaches Elena, who has now healed because Lucy removed the spell. But she isn't ready to get back together with Stefan because too much has happened and she needs to make sure her loved ones are okay. (Jenna is back from the hospital, at home with Alaric.).

- Damon locks Katherine in the tomb again, but not before she yells about how they need her to protect Elena. What does she mean? It's unclear. But the episode concludes with someone in a mask abducting Elena from the party parking lot.

- Also: Matt tries to provoke Tyler because Katherine had compelled him to do so. But a random female student is killed in their fight instead, meaning the werewolf curse is now upon young Mr. Lockwood.

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please STEFAN and ELENA back :DD


Wow, I completely disagree with you. I thought it was one of the best episodes of the series. Although I do agree that someone should notice Aimee and Sarah's deaths.


I thought this episode rocked. How could anyone think Katherine was going to die? They still need her. This review was written poorly. What where you doing while watching? Obviously not watching the show. Also quite a few errors on this reviewers part. Again weren't you watching???


Loved it! I didnt think we'd get rid of Katherine in this episode but we did apparently...and i actually think it is dangerous for Elena..they must be related in some way as they are like so alike..And i love Stefan for being beyond supportive...he was hurt when Elena rejected him but he still was so selfless and said that he understands :-( HAHA loved the Damon quotes...he's hilarious..jeremy and Bonnie? No. Dont like..Who the hell stole Elena at the end? Can these bad Vampires ever finish??


I have not seen this episode yet, but I hope Katherine the psycho dies. I also hope that Bonnie and Damon get together, I think the trio is getting boring, and Damon is always rejected. For something new and fresh, Bonnie + Damon. Yes I know, how do we get Bonnie to fall for Damon, well, we build it up slowly with a friendship, than BAM he saves her life!! and they have a moment, kiss, and get together.


OMG I LOOOOOOVE this show! Masquerade episode is gonna be so explosive I can't wait till thursday!!! SO upset Stephan and Elena broke up but I absolutely love Katherine's evil ass LOL. The chick has to die tho sms it's just how it must go. Although I really think the show would pretty much suck without her popping up every now and then. Hope Matt don't die poor Matt hasn't even gotten that much play yet. Daman is so friggin sexy such a bad boy. Love both brothers. Can't wait till THURSDAY!


hope to watch it


This is gonna b so much fun......


WOW!! i simply CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

You aren't gonna kill Katherine... I am.


Tell Damon and Stefan to give me the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood.