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Damon begged Jules for a cure for Rose's wolf bite this week, but the latter simply talked trash about the awful, inevitable death in store for Damon's new friend. And she wasn't kidding, either:

Rose had a fever, she hallucinated, she killed innocent people. In the end, Damon had to put her out of her misery and drive a stake through her heart. This affected him greatly, as he was driven to drink and approach a random woman at the end of the episode. He admitted to her that he missed being human - and then he bit into her neck.


- Stefan is trying to acclimate himself to vervain. He also wants to get in touch with Isobel so he can learn about Klaus. But after trying a number Alaric gave him for her, Stefan tracks down John instead. Elena's father says hello to her near the end of the hour.

- Both Matt and Tyler kiss Caroline. Supernatural love triangle alert!

- Jules tells Tyler she wants to help and protect him, that other werewolves are on the way and that Caroline lied: there are many vampires in town, and they are responsible for Mason's death.

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Scary! i mean the name is scary, did you guys know that there are two movies, called the descent and the descent part 2, its about 6 girls who go in to a uncharted cave and then they all get killed by these creeper things. and rose looks like the human version of one


ok, i sooo want tyler and caroline to be together,, and i want damon to be with his love but i dont like elana, so thats anoing but i want them to be together and her to become fun i want stefan to be alone. hate him. to twiligt. oh yeah and i want kathrine to fall in love with matt, become good and help save elana, caz she in the tomb and matt upset the fall in loove yata yata yata


Oh come on, Kevin Williamson already said that Rose is meant to stay Damon's bud, they'll be NOTHING romantic between them. It took Damon 145 years to get over his last love(Katherine), and now that he's admitting his feelings for someone else (Elena), I doubt he'll just fall for Rose, besides "she's a mirror to Damon's humanity" or something like that. Get real people, she's a great character but nothing but collateral damage. I doubt she'll die next episode though, anyway we'll see, I like having her around still, she at least makes Damon smile, and can get the truth out of Elena. And HELL her accent is just too steamy. :) But Delena Always, Stefan is just.. too twilight-like. Sick of that ! Can't wait for the 27th!


I love this show i wonder if there is goanna be season 3 ... anybody thinks so ???


omg i cant wait until 27 of january!


I'm so excited for the next episode! I want Rose to leave becuase Elena and Damon are supposed to be together. But I like how Tyler is becoming a regualr character and should be with Caroline!
GO DELENA!!!!! ;)


OMG!!!! my favorite Character is Rose and she cant leave!!! her destiny is to be with Damon forever!!!TEAM DAMOSE!!! idc if damon nd her arent together i jst want her in vampire diaries... if she dus leave i mite neverc vampire diaries again nd if i do it wont b the same.


I love the vampire diaries.Me and my 9yr old granddaughter watch it every week.I want Stefan and Elena to stay together they make the perfect couple.


I like The Vampire Diaries , but sometimes I have a feeling it is getting become a soap opera and I don't like that, but also I enjoy the love triangle. I hope i will see the Tyler Caroline pair. There are two characters whose doesn't do anything Jemma and Alarick. Why are they in the series?


Strangely out of context but....
Though form the above I don't think Rose will die (probably all think I am putting that since I am obsessed) I think from what's happened with Lexi Anna Vicki etc there going to suprise us I mean Rose is one of them the little 'guest stars' but she's lived this long I think there going to let her live give us all what they think is a suprise (Kind of isn't now) but I don't know that's just what I think.
Anyway she lives until Episode 14 Crying Wolf she Damon and Stefan go to visit Stevie with a sheet of info and questions they want answered Btw Stevie is a character made from recycled Slater parts... ^-^ xoxo

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

He's an Original. I don't really know what that means.


Elena: Don't ruin the moment. You're about to ruin the moment, aren't you?
Stefan: I'm totally ruining the moment.