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We traveled back to 1912 this week and met Sage, a woman who brought out all of the passion inside Damon. He used that to then light the same passion inside Stefan; i.e. feasting on humans.

This turned The Ripper loose.

In present day, Damon did all he could to try and wean Stefan's appetite, to control his brother whenever he drank from humans. It brought the brothers closer, but it also made for an awkward experience when Elena walked in on Stefan drinking from a woman.

Elsewhere, it turned out that Meredith framed Alaric only to then provide proof that he was NOT the killer. Why? BECAUSE HE IS THE KILLER! His ring has been making him go crazy, something that also happened to Samantha Gilbert, a relative of Elena's back in the day.

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode had crazy flashbacks but I just want things to be set straight again. I wonder what else will happen. ;P


Damon is the guy lets see his past TVD rocks


Damon is the reason kept watching the show. The episode sounds awsome and I would love to see a little more of his past. I don't care much for Elena but I love the Salvatore brothers and wish she would stop stringing them along. And last but not least, I hope that Caroline will give Klaus a shot. We're seeing a diffrent side of him and it's good to know he actualy does have a heart.


I love Damon and I think it will be fun to see more about him from the past, like we did with Stefan ealier in the season.
I love the "sparks" between Damon and Elena. I like Stefan better without Elena.But I love the Salvatore brothers together.
Also I enjoy Klaus and Elijah and perhaps there could be something between Elena and Elijah, so she never will come between the Salvatore brothers and we could see more of Elijah.....just an idea.....


I don't really care about damon. He's too smug and cocky which pisses me off because he's nothing special. He's hot but his personality makes me cringe. Im way more interested in the Klaus story lines.


Damon is the best in vampire diaries and to see his past is gonna be awesome to all ppl who are slagging him off get lost im a true damon fan but wouldnt slag stef off so stop doing it to him


I can not wait this episode. To see what happened to Damon.I don't care about the opinions of those who are true fans.


I just want Elena and Stephan to get back together already. I could really care less about Damon.


episode 16 is out on march 15th


Pls, i want 2 know if episode 16 is out?

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie, will haunt me, forever.


You date vampires, Elena. It shouldn't come as a shock to learn that your guardian is a murderer.

Dr. Meredith Fell