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Sheriff Forbes has bad news for Alaric on this episode of The Vampire Diaries.

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Why should Damon be better than Stefan, They both did terrible things to Elena. One past one present. So when Damon killed Lexi, Killed Jeremy, all of you found some easy excuses to forgive him, and still found him better than the "good" Stefan. And now Stefan acting bad and all you are all against him, while he's acting same as Damon.


I'm so excixted that Damon and Elena are going to get together! Damon is sooo sexy and definately a better choice for Elena. And yeah he seems kinda messed up but he's not. Katherine did it to him because she broke his heart. I mean how would you like to be told to your face by your true love that they are in love with your sibling and they just used you. I personally would fall apart. So I understand why Damon's the way he is. Now he meets Elena and she ends up in love with his brother too! I mean come on,Stefan can have Katherine. Let Damon find someone. He's the real good guy. Stefan's just acting like the good guy. Cause Stefan made him change and Stefan was the one feeding on humans and tourmenting women. Damon got him to change and then he stabbed him in the back with Katherine.


so the show isnt coming on tonight we have to wait till next thursday to watch it??? what in the world.. and damon loves stefan. he is also in love with elena and its selfish of stefan to have "dated" her cus he knew damon liked her too. but damon stefan and klaus are SEXY


He loves Stefan its obvious because (in season 2) Damon told Elena he loved her but he wouldn't be selfish with her because Stefan deserves her. So that show Damon was willing to let he go if it meant that Stefan and Elena would be happy together. Love Damon!!!!11


Poor Damon, He is the better brother than Stefan, It's so sad because he knows the love that Stefan and Elana had/have and he knows the love he has for Elena but, he stills tries to get his brother to realize his humanity


Damon has more than shown his love for Elena.... now he probably hasnt shown his love for his brother yet because he is just getting over hating him for 100 plus years.... and i imagine its hard for him to have Katherine and Elena both love and prefer his brother. now i know that Damon loves his brother you can see it in his eyes.. and despite all his bravado of being the bad brother he cares. i am sure we will see some brotherly love this season. i mean after all they are both in the thick of the love triangle with Elena.


In my opinion Damon doesn't do enough to show his love for his brother! We all now that he loves Elena but Stefan has shown to be a great brother! And Damon? I'm waiting...

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

You're on speaker phone, dick.

Alaric [to Damon]

Help me destroy Stefan and I promise you our family will be whole again.