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The Vampire Diaries kicks off season three with a party for Elena's 18th birthday. What went down?

  • Stefan is traveling around with Klaus, killing people. Klaus wants to build an army of werewolf/vampire hybrids and tracks down his first guinea pig, Ray Sutton.
  • Damon tells Elena to let go of the murderous Stefan, who calls her at the end of the episode and says nothing, but lets us know part of him is still good inside.
  • There is still sexual tension between Damon and Elena, but shows little sign of being acted upon.
  • Jeremy is being haunted by his dead exes. Matt is his BFF now and will soon be his partner in crime.
  • Caroline and Tyler have smoldering hot sex. Then his mom shoots her with some sort of tranquilizer.
  • Alaric is a bit of a lost soul at the moment.
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Do you know the name the song when damon killed the girl at the car whe he was laying in the highway

David and sabrina 2014

This episode made me feel sorry for Elena,freaked out with Tyler and Caroline's relationship,and see how terrible things get to ruin Elena's birthday. It kind of reminds me of New Moon on Bella's birthday when she was almost killed by Jasper and ruining her birthday. =|


Think about it is plsaes that choose only one is elena gilbert he is good person of take damon he save elena her time okay tell elena damon,okay


is this the episode that is posing tv on thursday..... who do you think is better damon or stefan. i love damon


i reakon damon and elena get together and stefan and caroline like in the books


Theres still a song, which isnt listed! MONA - Shooting the moon... u can listen to the song in the background while caroline is talking to elena on the birthday. Amazing song.


3/5 ratings because as expected, it didn't excited me.I didn't feel any thrill.
I pitied on andy starr death.poor andy ......stefan has gone full ripper but there still a part of him which feels something for family.after stefan killed andy, I mean when andy died, I really felt sorry for damon.one thing I don't like, klaus doesn't look like special, I mean he is an original he should be more like elijah in style/honour but he looks very normal.
After all it was a great episode.poor caroline.


even if she did go back to stefan.. would she forgive him ?


i can imagine after damon and elena finding stefan, and damon realising he'll never get elena, him and stefan kinda switch roles,so damon goes all bad but really bad,then stefan goes all sweet and shiz...n'aww damon i havent seen the episode yet,my friends want to watch it after school with me like a kinda party,but i just cant wait:'(


i want damon and elena together as a couple....i would

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

It's your party. You can cry if you want to.


Hello, brother.