The Vampire Diaries

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The vampire diaries
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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere focuses on Elena's transition to vampire-hood.

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Yes, Elena will become a vampire. J Plec has all but admitted that it will happen. Her only choices at this point are transitioning or dying for good.


How would you say Elena will not be a vampire? There have been numerous interviews with the cast on how they will deal with her being one! Theres been talk of a cure, I hope that she could get that! Wait but then shed be able to die and leave the Salvatores alone forever:( Aghh, something weird is gonna happen next season! Can't wait!!!


I think Elena will be a vampire.Evryone on the cast admitts it.Also when she is a vampire she will look back on how she said ''If I would have met you first Damon.'' Because when your a vampire you remember all of that stuff he made her forget. Ahh! So excited!


Elena will not be a vampire this season, that's what they want you, to believe. But the human element is essential to the show. How will Caroline and Bonnie feel if, this would happen. Remaining human gives more drama to the show. So don't fret Elena will not be a vampire, but something else would be cool. Give the girl a different thing to overcome. A Banshee sounds good to me.


No way is that true, Elena become a vampire!? Wow, Stefan will have a hard time and Damon is getting closer with Elena. I like it !!!!!! I wish Elena can be with Damon forever and no Stefan in the way. Delena together.... KYAAAAAAA, i'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait.... XD


This episode should be a very interesting episode. Elena transitioning into Vampire, her remembering Damon's Special compulsions, Damon as Elena's sire, etc. Can't wait to see how Stefan handle the reality of Elena as Vampire seeming his reason for loving her was because she was the last person he got close to that reminded him of his humanity. Damon's acceptance of himself as Vampire is the one thing that will bring him and Elena closer together and Elena will understand why Damon does what he does even more clearly. Delena moments are definitely in the mix season 4!!!!


wow!!! this gets even better... but am not sure if i wanted elena as a vampire. but i love this show am so addicted to it omg!!!


I really wish that Damon can be with Elena. But i don't want Elena to turn to vampire. SO NOT!!!! and about the original vampire, it's that mean the original vampire are appearing later in season 4. Thank god this vampire diaries show. I love it.


is it werid that my fave character is kluas and that i kind of what him and elena to get/be together if she cant be with damon or matt


omg??Elena is gonna be a vamp???no no no...i love her character as a human!! She is too pretty to have her face cracked up like a vampire :( ..ummm by the way who's gonna be the Mr Right for Elena?? *guessing*

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Where ever you go, Salvatore Brothers seem to follow.

Pastor Young

We all know the way. You feed or you die, there is no door #3.