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On the Vampire Diaries season opener:

  • Silas announces his presence to the town, killing style.
  • He's also desperate to track down Katherine.
  • Elena and Caroline start college.
  • Jeremy goes back to school and gets into a fight.
  • Jeremy also lives with Damon now.
  • An Eastern European woman makes her presence felt when it comes to a connection to Matt.
Episode Number:

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere watch here >> http://mytvstream.me/watch-vampire-diaries-season-5-episode-1-online-premiere/ So Cool! i love you elena


yes at last here they comes


Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Episode 1 – I Know What You Did Last Summer http://bit.ly/1hnySkk


Damn, Elena and Damon I jst cnt belief that cyerbond wasn't true, buh let's see, wether it wll last long. Stafen my man, what r u becomming? a lonely hertbreak or the Moster (Silas) notn is left for you, better without any of them in ur life, MONSTER SILAS

@ Watxaa

true but i can't wait to see season 7 !what are they going to do without elena


Video Full: The Vampire Diaries se05-ep01
Click Here To Watch . .


hmm. i am so sorry for stefan but i wish him to get her back.


looking forward to Season five, and Damon and Elena, love Them, especially Damonn,They will be bunps in the road for Them, but what would be the Drama if there wasen't. They mite not end up together, but they will be for years to come, this Epic Couple.They are so much like heatcliff and catherine of wuthering heights.looking forward to Jeremy living with Damon, that will be fun, love michael Travino, so im glad he is back to.


i sooo soo luv damon n elena's couple OMG it is wat is kipin me hooked up i hp they'd stik togthr sory stefen i no u guys wr perfect but gv yr big bro a shot on dat n season 5 u hav me awaitin


wow cant believe it damon and elena together perfect couples, and caroline your much better with niklaus the two of you together epic....pls let bonnie be back soon,just want to see more of elena/damon and caroline/klaus relationship.how romantic!


pls,pls nd pls,stefan nd elena r just perfect. Return dat back,nd human katherina is just wao!i can wait 4dat.bonnie rise 4rm d dead nwnw. Really lukin 4ward 2season5

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

That pit is called guilt. You feel terrible because you broke Stefan's heart. And that nagging feeling is your brain waking up to tell you that you've made a horrible, yet completely reversible, mistake.


You brought a panini press?

Elena [to Caroline]