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Daryl gets injured on The Walking Dead this week, while Glenn tries to read signals from Maggie. Does she like him?

"Cherokee Rose"

Shane suffers the consequences of his deadly sacrifice on The Walking Dead this week, while the gang ponders the line between living and dying.

"Save the Last One"

The survivors await Shane's return this week. They have no idea he's trapped in a school with the zombies.


Rick think he has found a new safe spot this week. Elsewhere, Shane goes off in search of medical supplies.

"What Lies Ahead"

The Walking Dead is back! Read on for a recap of the season two premiere of this AMC thriller.

The first season comes to a close on this episode. It will feature a physician letting the survivors into the Center for Disease Control.


The group's newest member leads everyone to the Center for Disease Control this week, as one individual is forced to make a choice that has major consequences.

Jim gets unhinged at camp this week. Meanwhile, Rick's Atlanta mission becomes dangerous when things go awry.

"Tell It to the Frogs"

Rick heads back to Atlanta this week to retrieve a bag of guns, and also to save a mean's life. Lori and Shane also receive a major surprise.

Rick accidently causes a group of survivors to be trapped by their undead enemies this week. Consequences includes a dynamic within this clique of humans that devolves from accusatory to violent.