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On the second episode of The Walking Dead...

- Lori and Shane get it on in the woods.

- Rick learns that the voice on the radio is Glenn. He helps Rick find safety.

- The zombies discover the hideout of the survivors.

- Merle Dixon gets into a fight and tries to become leader. Rick handcuffs him to the roof and ultimately takes the place of leader.

- The group of survivors attempts to locate the sewers as a way out. Unfortunately, there are zombies down there.

- Rick comes up with the idea of covering up himself and Glenn up with dead body parts and blood to mask the smell of human from the zombies.

- Glenn and Rick pretend to be zombies and reach the truck.

- Glenn drives around the city with the car alarm going off to distract the zombies while Rick picks the others up in the truck.

- T-Dog leaves Merle on the roof after he drops the key down a hole. He locks the door to the roof.

- The survivors escape and head towards the camp outside the city.

- Glenn drives the car out of the city in excitement.

Episode Number:

The Walking Dead This is what I think may pan out…. Ok we have all seen the start of the Apocalypse.
In the hospital I think Rick did die, therefore the Walkers ignored him but who’s to say that he wasn’t bitten when dead or received blood transfusion from an already infected Human therefore was brought back to life with the venom of the Zombie walkers. As he was already dead the venom acted differently and reanimated his central cortex but as a Walker human highbred, (Very similar to the woman in 28 Weeks later)?
No conspiracy on his immunity that would be silly more likely he’s a carrier and potentially a cure.
But he still can be attacked…..(Tank scene Ep1) This is what I think the good Scientist Jenner has told Rick in his whisper also the main location HQ of the CDC. Which if you think would be a great place to aim for as in series one the CDC only had back up generators? The main HQ would have, I think a nuclear powered generator. Would only make sense considering of all the nasty Bio, Chem and Radiological on store. Therefore they may be able to extract blood samples and create a cure? As for Jenner telling Rick that his wife is Preggers he would find out in time anyway so I think that is a bum conspiracy, hell she might not be? Going back some what to episode one/two, what has become of Morgan and his son?
They are still in the town waiting for Rick which I think the team will pick them up as they leave the area. Also I think his son becomes a great shot with the rifle. A comment which Morgan did say to Rick “One thing I do know, don't you get bit.� Does this back up my thoughts about Rick? Everyone has there own theories about the Walker with the yellow eyes and being aware.
Here is mine. Like the Ghouls in the in Console game Fallout 3 you have 2 types of Ghouls (Ferial and non-ferial) like the walkers you may have two types or even more. Think of it like this, Human gets bit and turns Feral/Walker. Human has a wound that gets infected by contaminated Walker blood and turns into a consciously aware Walker (possible outcome for Merle Dixon)? Then you have Rick freshly dead in Hospital get bit and reanimates into a Walker human highbred. What about the helicopter? HQ CDC maybe? Also what about the animals?. We have seen that the horse was a free meal for the Walkers and we have seen that some dogs have survived. Do you think that there may be Walker dogs in series two? I hope so……


I love zombie flicks and am glad for this series. I cant wait to see what happens next.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Glenn: You're surrounded by "Walkers." That's the bad news.
Rick: There's good news?
Glenn: No.

Dale: If you see anything, holler. I'll come running.
Lori: Yes, mom.