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On this episode about The Walking Dead…
New walker Patrick attacks Cell Block D. He had gotten sick and died.
Carol becomes guardian to Lizzie and Mika after she kills their walker turned father.
After Judith pukes on Beth, Michonne reluctantly holds the baby and cries.
With the threat of walkers taking down the fence, Rick chooses to take the possibly infected pigs and sacrifice them to get the walkers off the fence.
There is also a new threat of sickness spreading in the prison.
Rick decides to shed his farmer ways and get his gun back.
Tyreese finds out that his love, Karen, and David who were quarantined for possibly being sick, were taken out back and burned.
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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Like I said, you earned it. But for what it's worth, you see mistakes. I see when the shit hits, you're standing there with a shovel.


Dad, when can I have my gun back?