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Top Chef Season 8


We're down to two. Which Top Chef finalist will be crowned the champion?

"The Last Supper"

The contestants prepare dinner for a famous panel of guests this week. They will help determine the finalists.

"Island Fever"

The contestants are still in the Bahamas this week. They are asked to cater a yacht club's anniversary party.

"The Bahamas: Part 1"

The title of this episode says it all: the Top Chef All-Stars are off to the Bahamas!

"Give Me Your Huddled Masses"

It's off to the open water for the All-Stars thi week. They must create food while at sea.

"For the Gulf"

First, the All-Stars prepare deep fried food on this installment. From there, they prepare dishes for a charity event.

"Lock Down"

Sesame Street actually plays a key role on this episode, as the contestant cook to please Muppets. They are also tasked with making a dish at Target.

"Feeding Fallon"

Jimmy Fallon plays a role on this episode. The All-Stars are asked to cater his birthday party.

"An Offer They Can't Refuse"

The All-Stars demonstrate plating techniques for a famous designer this week, as they must show off their artistic side. An actress also makes an appearance.

"Restaurant Wars: One Night Only"

The All-Stars are faced with an important challenge on this week's episode: opening a "one night only" restaurant.

"We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat"

The contestants are in charge of a beach party this week. They must catch and cook fish for it.

"Dim Sum Lose Sum"

The All-Stars are off to Chinatown for a challenge this week. Elsewhere, Tom Colicchio issues a challenge to the contestants.

"Advantage Chef"

How does one make stuffing without the benefit of any utensils? That's the question posed this week to the All-Stars.

"New York's Finest"

It's all about knives this week, as the contestants pull these utensils to determine four teams that will cook in four of the city's best establishments.

"Night at the Museum"

It's off to the American Museum of Natural History this week. The contestants must cater a snack for a group of children.

"Top Chef All-Stars Premiere"

On the first installment of season eight, past contestants are forced to recreate dishes that caused them to be eliminated the last time they appeared on Top Chef.

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