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Season four picked up with Sookie in fairy world, meeting her grandfather, who thought he had only been away for a few hours. Not 20 years.

Turns out, time works differently in fairy world, as does a lot of other stuff: the woman in charge wanted Sookie to eat a "light fruit," but she refused, tossed it on the ground and transported herself and her grandfather to some other part of the universe. They were on the run there and were soon helped by another clique of fairies.

They told Sookie the the mean lady wanted to end all human/fairy interaction, but she could return to the human world because she did NOT eat the fruit. She did so, her grandfather - who ate the fruit - followed, and he soon died.

We then pick up back in Bon Temps, a year later in real time. This is what has transpired while Sookie was gone:

- Jason sold the house. To whom? We learn at the end of the hour: to Eric! He can now come and go as he pleases, as the episode ended with him baring his fangs and saying "you are mine."

- Andy is hooked on V.

- Sam is now hanging out with a shape shifter support group, while Tommy is alive but injured and Tara has taken on a new identity in New Orleans. She's also taken up with a woman!

- Jason is a cop and is in charge of Hotshot. But a resident there kidnaps him knocking him out with a shovel and locking him in an icebox.

- Jesus get Lafayette to hang out with a coven of witches, led by a woman named Marnie. She proves her strength to the group when she brings a bird back to life.

- Jessica and Hoyt are leaving together, while the former deals with the desire to hunt and feed.

- Nan Flanagan is working hard to revive the images of vampire.

- Bill has taken over as the King of Louisiana!

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Lord - if it ever were a true statement it is "when the stuednt is ready-the teacher will appear".I am totally waiting to receive my full set and the xtra mp3 as well - don't even know how to download or any of the fancy computer things of yet, but I AM HERE TO THANK YOU AND THE GREAT MASTERS WHO BLESSED YOU TO BLESS US GRATEFUL SOULS TO KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT THE ALMIGHTY DOES WORK THROUGH HIS CREATION AND THAT THERE IS HOPE FOR THE HOPEFUL NO MATTER THE AGE OR CONDITION - THAT LIFE S CHILDREN HAS THE CAPACITY TO PULL US UP BY OUR BOOTSTRAPS IF WE AS THE ELDER GENERATION RECOGNIZE AND SUBMIT TO THOSE OF WISE COUNSEL. to follow. Have a great and blissful 2010, With tears I ask all of my PN Family to pray for me and hope for me that I will follow Dragons, not lizards. I indeed love you and my heart feels you all so profoundly. Evangeline


i like true blood this movie


Glad it is here soon..................

True Blood Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

We'll stay for five minutes. 10 if they got dranks.


I have a fairy godmother? Okay, if your job is to look after me, can I just say you suck.